Vaibhav con???

Vaibhav can become a successful con artist. Believe me. The act he puts up in morning to avoid school is just amazing. 
This is in 2014 when he would go to euro kids. He would be awake and pretend to be asleep. I would then say Vaibhav..vaibhav.. he wouldn't be able to contain himself and begin to smile. He would then begin.. "i dont want school". 
Then he would hold his tiny tummy and begin saying "hotte nawuuu'. It just would be ao cute.

What is written in the prescription?

Vaibhav fell down and hurt his lips. It looked like there was puss in his lips, so we took him to doctor. The doctor began with asking his name, but Vaibhav didn't open his mouth. He then wrote a prescription, as he wrote the prescription he explained what each medicine was for. He then handed me the prescription, immediately Vaibhav  took the prescription in his left hand and with his right index finger, pointed to the prescription and asked the doctor "Eenu bardirodhu"[What is written here?]. Immediately, all of us burst laughing. 

It is a girlie thing!

Priyanka's games are so unique to a girl. She gets hold of Karthik, combs him, feeds him as if he is her child or a toy.

Priya brings a bowl of rice, makes Karthik sit next to him and begins to feed him. In between, she reminds him to east fast and also she warns him that if he doesn't eat she will beat him. Then in between the meal she will remember Karthik needs water. So, she will call out to her mother and ask her to get one glass of water. Priya will let him to drink just one or two sips of water. Once, all food is over, she will promptly put the bowl into the sink and comes with a wet hand and wipes Karthik's mouth. Believe me I haven't seen anything more cute and funny!!
Interestingly Karthik equally enjoys the whole thing. If she feeds him, he eats up all the food without a fuss!!!

She will then get hold of him, pretend to give him a bath, brush his teeth and comb his hair and then take him to puja room to pray to God. Once he has offered his prayers, she will put on a bag and take him and pretend drop him to school, which is one of bedrooms. She insists he tells her a bye, after few seconds she goes and fetches him from school. The whole act is just too funny and adorable.

There were times, when .............................

There were times, when I hated if i was touched me during my sleep. Now, I have two kick boxers sleeping on my either side. Sometimes, they put their entire legs on me, sometimes their hands and sometimes they just wake up and  put their head on my tummy assuming it is a pillow and drift off to sleep. Well, I neither mind it nor it distrubs my sleep. I like it all the time and  most times I find it amusing.

There were times, when I would snigger at smell of a baby's potty. Now, I peep into their diapers to check if they are all clear !!. I not only clean potty from them but many times from the floor, bed spreads and my dresses too. Ofcourse!! I reuse my dresses.

There were times, when going out to mall or friend's house for couple of hours meant, wearing good clothes and just leaving home. Now, going out means feeding the kids well, getting them dressed and packing - milk, biscuits, diapers, wipes, old newspaper and extra pair of kids clothes (just incase, you know!)

There were times, when going to a mall meant - shopping, movies (many times back to back) and dinner. Now, going to a mall means - kids play zone, toy shop, kid trains, doughnuts and defiantly no dinners.

There were times, when I would come from the mall, and just head to bed, well!!! I use to be so very tired, or atleast I thought so. Now, I just head to the kitchen, wash my hands, put something to cook / warm for the kids, change the kids and then I freshen up.

There were times, when I would puke if I even imagined someone puking or saw someone puking. Now, I have my little one puking all over me almost every other day and it doesn't matter to me.

There were times, when I never thought people appreciating me would give joy. Now, a word of appreciation for my little ones from anybody seems to be the most happiest and most fulfilling thing to ever hear.

There were times, when I refused to take off my left hand from the handle of the scooter fearing the worst. Now, I drive with my left hand on my little ones ears to protect them from wind, while I balance the scootere just in my right hand. [Hope my hubby doesn't freak out reading this.]

There were times, when I wouldn't have a cough or cold all through the year, now I am sure to have once in 3 months, courtesy my kick boxers.

There were times, when I couldn't open my eyes till 7:30 am in the morning. Now, even before the 6:30 am alarm goes off, I am up to ensure that the kids are fed and are all set for school.

There were times, when .............................

Vaibhav Vaibhav!

I am totally lost for words for what Vaibhav did today.

Vaibhav started at Euro kids on 27th Oct 2014. He has been crying consistently at school. Upon advice from Deepa, my neighbour, who had formerly faced this situation. I began to talk to Vaibhav, why he needs to go to school, how he will become a big and good boy so on. I also added that, I will send him to school irrespective he cries or not, so rather he go happily and enjoy at school. Vaibhav understood this and he totally stopped crying.
But, he didn't want to go to school, so today when I was about to take him to school he made a face and said "Kaka banthu.. Kaka banthu"[Potty came]. I got a bit suspicious and asked him "Ninwagalu??"[Really]. He just kept repeating, but nothing happened. He was just faking it so that he doesn't have to go to school!!. Amazed that he could think and make up this reason to avoid school.

Another day, he came to me saying he wants to sleep. He slept on my lap and pretended to close his eyes, to avoid school !!

Couple of days ago, I got crayons for Karthik and instructed him to draw on paper and not walls or television etc. But Karthik, wouldn't listen and began drawing all over the showcase, so I went up to him and told him in a higher pitch voice "Didn't I ask you not to draw here.". Immediately, Vaibhav came running behind me and said "No, no, no" and began wiping Karthik's drawings with his little hands. :-)

Today, I went to pick Vaibhav from school. His co-ordinator cum teacher told that he is settling, and he is "Very Intelligent". I suddenly felt deep sense of pride and happieness beyond words. Not sure because it was totally unexpected or an emotion all mothers feel.

Vaibhav had been asking for Jamoon from last 2 weeks or so. Unexpectedly, milk broke and we make Rasgulla out of it. Like Jamoon, rasgullas were round too, but were white unlike Jamoon that are brown. When Vaibhav asked for Jamoon I gave him Rasgulla and told him those were Jamoons. Immediately, the smartie said "Brown Jammon beeku" [I want brown jamoons]. ROFL. Well!! I had thought I was smart, till then.

Few things about Karthik

Well, I dunno if it is all kids or it is just Karthik. But somethings I would want to remember for ever.

Dussehera vacations were starting. His class teacher called me for his review. When I reached his class, his Akka told me that Karthik had told something about me to his class teacher. During the discussion, his class teacher didn't mention anything about Karthik's comments. Curiosity got the best out of me, and I asked her about it. She immediatly started laughing, while I gaped at her. She told me that, previous day, Karthik told her that "Tomorrow my mother will come for review, tell her that I am a Good Boy!".
I was just amazed. He knew why I would go to school, what his teacher would tell me, he could figure out the consequences of bad review and finally he knew "Review Fixing!!!".....

Raj, comes home every weekend. But, this Saturday he wasn't coming since he hadn't got any rest since 2 months and he was travelling all the while. I told Karthik, "Naale appa barodilla"[Tomm, appa won't be coming]. He asked "Yaake"[Why]. I responded "Appa ge sustu aag iidhe. Train alli, bus alli oodaadi oodaadi. Adike rest maadthare."[Appa is tried since has been travelling by car and bus, and he needs rest].
He thought for a second, and replied "Hagaadhre, nawu hoogi car alli office indha karkondu barona?"[Then, shall we go and bring appa by car?]

Vaibhav and Karthik love chalks. They not only draw all over the house but even eat it up! So, I hid all chalks and told them that there are no more chalks at home. So, Mr. Karthik, went to Deepa's house my neighbour's house and told "No chalk piece at home, amma has asked you for chalk piece"!! Deepa handed him a chalk. I was surprised that Karthik and Vaibhav had chalks again. When, I asked him, he told that Deepa aunty gave. Deepa later told how Karthik had gone and asked her for chalks. 

Quack! Quack!

This is the most funniest thing which Vaibhav or Karthik have ever done till date. From past few days, Vaibhav begins to cry and when we ask him to stop crying he begins to say "Quack! Quack!", he continues this.
Similarly, if he get angry and wants to yell at us, he begins saying "Quack! Quack!"

I have no clue why he does it but it is just too funny.
I hope I can record it sometime.

Come on!! Climb!!

It was so amazing to watch Karthik help Vaibhav climb the bed.

Vaibhav being a little shorter than Karthik was unable to climb the bed like the way Karthik did. Karthik demoed to Vaibhav how he should put his right leg up and then climb. After demoing it to Vaibhav, Karthik then sat up on the bed to pull Vaibhav up on to the bed. It was so fascinating to see them.

When, he did the first time and I didn't have camera too shoot, I was disappointed. I for sure wanted to capture those moments. Fortunately, they did it again and I had my camera to shoot.

I know Black and White.

Today, we were asking Vaibhav black and white colours. So I asked Vaibhav are you white or black. He instantly said "White". I then asked "Is renuka black or white", and promptly he replied "Black".  She indeed has dark complexion. Then I asked same for karthik, then Me and finally Raj. He replied "white" for all. I then asked "Is varun black or white", he said "black". I now know Vaibhav knows colours, at least black and white. :-)

I am there for you brother!

Vaibhav's favourite sport is to spill water all over the place.
Today, Vaibhav got some water in a cup and began playing on the sofa. I knew, he will very soon empty all the water on to the sofa. I kept telling him not to spill water on the sofa, and as one can guess he did spill all of it on sofa. So, I feigned anger and told Vaibhav in stern voice not to spill water on the sofa again. Vaibhav started smiling, to make me smile and divert all my attention from the water he had spilt. I managed to keep my focus and continued to instruct him, and told him to play on floor with water and not on the sofa. But, he was determined not to listen to me and I gave up,  it ended at that.

Now, Karthik had been watching all this, he came up to me with a stern face and asked "Will you scold Vaibhav again???". I managed to hide my laughter and told Karthik, "I will scold him if he continues to spill water on the sofa." Karthik continued with a sterner face and voice "Will you scold Vaibhav?". I repeated my answer. Karthik left and went to Vaibhav, so i assumed he will go and tell Vaibhav not to spill water on sofa. Instead, he went to Vaibhav and told him "Vaibhav, Nannu iidhini ninage" [I am there for you Vaibhav] !!!!!!

First Observation day for Karthik

I had been to Karthik's school for Observation. This concept I had heard for first time in my life time, where parents are allowed to go and sit in the child's class and watch him.

I was pretty excited about watching Karthik in his class, so I landed up 30 minutes before the scheduled time. While I was entering Karthik's class, Karthik was busy wearing his slippers to go to the restroom. He looked pretty confused about my presence. His class teacher Jayshree got me seated in a corner, so that i I don't distrub rest of the class.

Karthik looked pretty confused with my presence in his class. Jayshree asked him to bring shapes board and work on it. He did get the shapes board, but he sat in front of me without doing a thing with it. Jayshree then asked him to bring number rods. He had to bring 10 number rods one at a time. Karthik took ages to bring each rod, he would walk very slowly to the shelf pick it up slowly and bring it back much more slowly. Finally, he sat with his madam and did the numbers. It was impressive the way numbers are taught.

Karthik then did some cylinder shapes, build pink pyramid, worked on length rods, colour arranging, chapatis and spooning.

I was impressed with the montessori method of teaching. The way kids are taught to bring their things without hitting other kids, way kids arrange their work and place their things back. When I entered the class, it didn't look like anyone can learn anything in that chaos. But at end of 2 hours, Karthik had completed 7 works. There were kids who completed 10 works. What a way to learn while the kids play!!

Appa .....

Raj left to chennai for a month long training. Vaibhav missed his appa, and couldn't express and we never realized :-(. Today he was sleeping in his cradle, and he began to wake up.  As, he began to wake up, in semi sleep state, with his eyes still closed, he started saying "appa appa.. appa hodru" (appa left). He kept repeating this in his semi sleep state. I quickly fetched my mobile and recorded it.

It was touching!!!


I probably haven't seen anything as cute as this. I was showing rhymes to Vaibhav. One of the rhyme was a lollipop rhyme, in which a boy was holding lollipop and licking it. Vaibhav immediately stretched his hand out and with his palm facing upwards, and started saying "Koodu, Koodu" [Give, give]. It was so cute and touching, that i fished out a lollipop from the secret stock and gave it to him. Vaibhav was so overjoyed that he immediately say "Anna, Thank you".[Brother, thank you]. He thought that the boy in the rhyme gave him the lollipop!!

28 / 29 Aug 2014 are Gowri and Ganesha Festivals. I had kept Gowri and Ganesha on the table above a heap of rice. Vaibhav wanted rice to play with. I told him, he should touch god but ask god. He stretched out his hand in receiving mode and began to ask Ganesha and Gowri idols, "Kolu, Kolu" [he meant "Kodu", meaning Give]. It would just be super cute, and I would go and pick some rice and give it to him. 

I hate full sleeve shirts !

Vaibhav hates full sleeve shirts. The moment we put it on him, he cries and cries and cries and tries to pull out the sleeve. It gets so hard to distract him and let him keep the shirt with full sleeves. It is hilarious to watch him trying to pull out the sleeves and shirt. He does the same for full pants! Just wondering what to do as he grows up.

Switch off eyes

Vaibhav and Karthik were painting on the newspaper. Maid was watching them, she then just lied down next to them and closed her eyes. Both boys took their brushes and began painting her face. She didn't move, she let them paint her face. Paint on Vaibhav's brush got over. So he re-dipped it and went to paint maid's face. Maid just then opened her eyes. So Vaibhav told her "Kannu off maadu" [Off your eyes]. He wanted to her to close her eyes so that he can continue painting her face. But since, his vocabulary is not yet so well developed, instead of telling "Kannu Muchu"[Close your eyes] he told "Kannu off maadu"[Switch off your eyes"

Karthik stars

Wow, Today Karthik got two stars on his wrist. It makes it 6 from the time he started off his Montessari I school on June 12th 2014 . 2nd September is his first observation day. I am waiting to go and watch him in his class.

Vaibhav understands Ads.

Today, there was TV ad for parachute oil. There was a man and a woman in the ad, later a child join them. Vaibhav points his finger to the lady and mand and says "amma - appa" !!. I was just so amazed.

Today's funny titbits

I gave water paints to Karthik and Vaibhav and asked them to paint the balcony walls. Hoping that it would satiate their wanting to write and paint and scribble the walls inside. Karthik painted enough, but he still continued to scribble on the walls!!I guess they just like doing it.

I was swinging Vaibhav in the cradle ("jooli"). Just to entertain him I was telling him "eeno janna maari, mudhu kholi"[What good boy, cute hen]. Immediately Karthik responded "Awanu Mudhu Kohli alla, baari kholi"[He is not cute hen but just hen].LOL!!

Karthik went into the bathroom to pee. Vaibhav was in diapers but still followed him to pee. Since, he was in diapers, he couldn't figure out what was happening, he kept looking down and at me and making a sign that nothing is coming!! It was hilarious.

Karthik and Vaibhav were fighting over the same sketch pen. They kept snatching from each other. At one point, Vaibhav was able to get hold of it. Immediately, he held the pen behind his back, as if to hide it from Karthik. That was amazing!!

This is my amma's !

Today, my nanny held my duppatta and was folding it. She then showed it to Vaibhav and said "Idhu Nandhu [This is mine]". Surprisingly, Vaibhav show the duppatta and started saying "Amma, Amma" and pulled the duppatta from the nanny's hand and handed it over to me promptly. It was just too cute and awesome to watch Vaibhav do it. Since, I couldn't capture this at first shot, I made nanny enact this again and captured it. Though, it wasn't as classy and original when Vaibhav did it first time, I still wanted to keep it for my memories.

Nanny did the same for Karthik. She held my duppatta and told him that it is hers. He fought fiercely with her, tugging the duppata on one end till she let it go. I couldn't record this incident though.

Vaibhav communicates

My little one Vaibhav, is surprising me now a days. Many times, not all the times, when he feels like peeing or pooping, he himself goes to the bathroom. At my mom's house bathroom has a bit high threshold, which Vaibhav can't cross easily. So, many a time he just goes outside the bathroom and pees. Today, at my home he was watching ryhmes when he peed. He immediatly got off the chair and pointed and said "chuchu". 

Vaibhav, Close your eyes and sleep

Vaibhav when doesnt fall asleep, I just say "kanna muchu [Close your eyes]" in a stern voice. Vaibhav immediatly covers his eyes with both his palms or quickly turns his face and closes his eyes. Belive me, it is just so cute to watch him do that.

Karthik's prized toy

Pradhan had come home over the weekend. He particularly liked the cart like toy which Karthik has and Karthik is damn possessive about it. Karthik being 3 and Pradhan being 7, Karthik was no match for him. How will Karthik protect his prized toy? When Pradhan wasn't watching, he drove the cart and parked it safely in a corner of the bathroom!

Boys having fun with water

Today I thought of letting both my boys play in water. So, I put some water into the bucket and put it out in the balcony.
One dropped a duck into it and other dropped jeep and bat into it. They enjoyed immensely, splashing water, stirring water, pouring water through the duck and jeep.
It was so joyful to watch them enjoy playing.

titbits of Vaibhav

Vaibhav has learnt putting rubbish into the dustbin, we haven't explicitly trained him on that though. If he picks up a paper randomly and tries to put it in his mouth, we ask him to put it in the dustbin. He promptly walks to the bin, lifts the lid and throws the waste paper. Now, if he sees any waste paper lying on the floor,
he promptly picks it up and puts it into the dustbin.

 Vaibhav now understands if his appa is going off to work. When Raj is all ready to leave to office, he goes to him and tells him in his sign and broken language that he wants to go with him. He points his slippers to Raj and then shows the wooden stool where he sits and wears the slippers, on the whole, indicating to Raj that he wants to wear them and go with him. When Raj didn't put his slippers, he himself pulled out Karthik's slippers and attempted to wear them. So cute!!

If we tell Vaibhav "Vaibhav kanna muchu"[Vaibhav, close your eyes], he immediately puts both his hands on eyes to close them. Just too cute!!

Vaibhav randomely picks any object, puts it against his ears and says "hello". He walks around the hall with the object against his ear, pretending to talk to someone. Raj, walks around the house or hall talking on his mobile, Vaibhav has seen this and now imitates with a dummy phone. 

Vaibhav somehow has learnt that he needs to pee in the bathroom. So, whenever we take him or he steps into the bathroom he pees. Sometimes he would have stepped into the bathroom with a gap of few minutes, but he still attempts and pees fews drops. :-)

I want to be with Appa

Karthik's annual day was coming up on 22nd Feb and we had to buy a superman dress for him. On Friday, 14th Feb, we decided that we will buy his superman's dress and later have dinner at Global Grill. When we got off the car at the children's clothing shop, Karthik insisted that Raj carry him. He ensured that Raj carried him through the entire shopping, and he wouldn't get off his arms even when we had to try the superman's dress on him. Raj had to convince Karthik that trying would just take a moment and he would hold him all through it. But Karthik refused to put his feet on the floor, so I had to just hold the dress against  his dangling body to see the size.

Once the shopping was done, we went back to the car. Karthik realized that if  Raj drives the car, he will have to sit with me but he just wanted to be with his Appa. So Karthik suggested that we walk to the hotel for dinner instead of taking the car. His thought was that if we don't take the car, his Appa will continue to carry him :-).  Karthik wouldn't get off Raj's arms. Raj then convinced him that the hotel is way too far off and if we walk, the ice-cream would get over, hence we need to take the car. Karthik looked convinced, but he came up with another brilliant idea. He suggested that I drive the car, while he sits with his Appa. I wasn't so confident of driving in a traffic filled road, so Raj had to convince him to sit with him, so that we could reach the hotel fast. But, he just wouldn't sit with me. Finally, Raj put him on his right lap and drove the car.

Well! it was the advantage of having a auto geared car.

"Appa" for the first time.

It was a fabulous day yesterday for Raj. Vaibhav for the first time addressed Raj directly as "Appa", as he extended his arms so that his appa could carry him. Raj was overjoyed, he stopped all his work, took Vaibhav in his arms and relished every moment with him. 

Artist at work

I keep a piece of chalk near the tulasi plant, so that every day morning I can pick it and put rangoli in front of tulasi. Off late I would see it was missing. I wasn't sure what was happening to it, but I didn't give it too much thought either. Today, I noticed that Vaibhav picks the chalk quietly, brings it inside and does his artwork all over the house. He knows well, where the chalk writings will show up and where it won't. So picks the right places and does his artwork.

Whacky !!

Karthik was sitting cross legged and having breakfast. He looked like a cute Ganesha. So I pulled his cheeks and said "Ganeshaaaa". Then I asked him, "Namma mane alli Ganesha yaaru?"[Who is Ganesha in our house?]. He promptly replied "Appa". I asked him, "Appa yaake Ganesha?"[Why are you calling appa as Ganesha?]. He tapped his belly and laughed. I have been laughing ever since then.

When Karthik cries, his eyes get filled with tears. Once, he has stopped crying he comes and tells me "Amma, neer alli kaanu iidhe, oorsu"[Amma, eyes are in the water, wipe it] :-). Choo chweet!!

Blackmailer Karthik!

Karthik when gets very naughty and Raj is not at home, I threaten him "irru, appa ge phone maadi helthini" [wait, I will call and tell appa]. Usually this has effect, because he doesn't like to look bad in front of his father. Other day, Karthik was up to mischief, so Raj got irked and reprimanded him. Instantly, Karthik picked up my mobile, placed it on his ear and told Raj, "irru, ninage, nimma appa ge phone maadthini" [You wait, I will call and tell your appa]. I immediately inquired Karthik as to who is appa's appa. Ofcourse, he didn't know, all he cared was threatening Raj.

Karthik didn't want to sleep today at noon, but I was coaxing him to do so and finally rebuked him for not listening to me. He immediately sat up straight on the cot and told me "nanu appa ge phone maadi helthini, ninu nanage hoditha iihiya antha!!!" [I will call appa and tell him that you are beating me up!!!].
I did call Raj and told him that Karthik wants to talk to him, Karthik without hesitation and with confidence told Raj "Amma, nanage hoditha iidhale!!".  Lair !!! Lair!!!

Raj, Karthik and I were driving back from my mother's house in Rajajinagar and it was almost 7 p.m. Karthik and I were sitting in the back seat of the car, while Raj was driving it. Karthik, would put his hand and pull Raj's shoulder or hand or stand in the space between the driver and the front passenger seat. Raj managed it to the extent he could.
          We entered cubbon park and Karthik was getting annoying. At a point we saw a policeman standing. So Raj, parked the car on the side of the road, took Karthik in his arms and threatened to give him off to the policeman. Karthik, immediately pointed out to "nothing" in particular and started asking Raj "Een adhu?"[what is that?]. Raj persistently continued with Karthik, "Ninu, nana drive maaduwaga distrub maadhre, police ge kodthini"[If you disturb me while driving, I will hand you over to police]. Karthik, all the time kept his gaze away from Raj and kept pointing out to "nothing" outside the window and kept asking "Een adhu?". Finally Raj gave up. But, Karthik was well behaved for next 10 minutes.

Little mechanic at work

Today I left the laptop unattended and the little mechanic decided to repair it for me. Thank God! I saw it on time and saved my laptop.

Karthik in mini skirt

Karthik today tried putting on his shorts by himself. But, he ended up putting both his legs into same trunk, and it looked like he wore a mini skirt. Effect was hilarious, when he tried to walk. I couldn't help but laugh and laugh at his predicament.

Vaibhav's first work of art

Today Vaibhav got hold of a blue crayon from his brother's crayon set. He knew it was meant to write or draw. He tried drawing on the floor titles, but it wouldn't write. He then tried drawing on the cupboards but it wouldn't draw. He then started drawing on the wall. I captured my little son's first art and I couldn't help but blog and publish it immediately.