Today's funny titbits

I gave water paints to Karthik and Vaibhav and asked them to paint the balcony walls. Hoping that it would satiate their wanting to write and paint and scribble the walls inside. Karthik painted enough, but he still continued to scribble on the walls!!I guess they just like doing it.

I was swinging Vaibhav in the cradle ("jooli"). Just to entertain him I was telling him "eeno janna maari, mudhu kholi"[What good boy, cute hen]. Immediately Karthik responded "Awanu Mudhu Kohli alla, baari kholi"[He is not cute hen but just hen].LOL!!

Karthik went into the bathroom to pee. Vaibhav was in diapers but still followed him to pee. Since, he was in diapers, he couldn't figure out what was happening, he kept looking down and at me and making a sign that nothing is coming!! It was hilarious.

Karthik and Vaibhav were fighting over the same sketch pen. They kept snatching from each other. At one point, Vaibhav was able to get hold of it. Immediately, he held the pen behind his back, as if to hide it from Karthik. That was amazing!!

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