Mountain lays eggs!!

In Guizhou province of china, a mountain cliff has been laying eggs once in 30 years.
The mountain is called Chan Dan Ya meaning Egg Producing Hill. It is densely covered with trees and weeds; surface is extremely uneven and very steep.

A number of egg shaped stones appear on the bluff of the mountain, once every 30 years. These eggs are approximately 30 centimeters in diameter, oval in shape and light yellow in colour. There are 68 such eggs preserved by the local people around, who feel these stones are good omens and will protect them.

Analysis of the stone eggs, reveal that the rocks date back to the Cambrian age, this was prior to the Triassic and Jurassic age!!! Oddly enough, the Chan Dan Ya is made up of calcareous (composed of calcium carbonate or chalk) rocks. It is indeed intriguing that Cambrian period rocks are coming out of a calcareous mountain.


Mystery Spot

I visited Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, California in June 2005.
There is a point in the hilly region called “Point of gravity” which has more gravitational force than normal. There is an old wooden cabin exactly on the point. This cabin is supposed to have slid own from the top of the hill owing to the gravity and stands on the spot at 17 degree inclination. Mystery spot is an area around that point. There the pull of gravity force more than normal and laws of gravity do not obey.

What I saw and felt?
Quite few trees in and around the spot are inclined towards the gravity point.

As I walk toward the mystery spot, felt the pull of gravity. I was amazed to see that Laws of Gravitations are not obeyed here. Tell me, what happens when a ball is placed on the higher end of an inclined plane? It rolls down isn’t it? Not in Mystery Spot. The ball rolls down till the mid of the plane, and then rolls back all the way upwards!! I decided to do away with their ball and gave them my lipstick. The lipstick too rolled down for a small distance and it started rolling up all the way!!

They have a pendulum in the cottage. The pendulum doesn’t oscillate equally on both the side. It oscillates more towards the point of gravity.

Many of the demos and exercises they conduct, I attribute it to optical illusion.

Why does this happen?
Some say that it is due to the carbon dioxide seeping up due to fissures caused by landslide or earthquake; some say that aliens left a strange metal deep down the earth; some say a meteorite and some magnetic field and so on.
There are theories which tell that this is a game of psychology.

Whatever be it, it is a fascinating place to visit. Do visit if you go to California.

Ants intelligent?

I had soaked around 20 almonds in a shallow vessel. I left it on the kitchen’s parapet overnight. Morning, there were just 5 almonds left in the vessel. Who ate the rest of them? No one at home had taken them. Where did they go?

There was a huge trail of ants starting behind microwave and going to the window. Why are ants swarming here? Curious I pulled my microwave. And I see 8 of the soaked almonds there; ants were picking small bits from it and carrying it out of the window. How did my almonds go there? Did those tiny ants do this? Or was it cockroaches or rats? I knew neither of them was stationed at my home.

“How did almonds go there?” I kept thinking, as I picked the almonds and cleaned the ants. As I began my day’s cooking, I saw another trail of ants starting underneath my gas stove and going to the window. “Now!! what!! What’s under the gas stove?” I bent and
Underneath the gas stove saw the remaining almonds, and ants picking on to them. Now how did they go there?

Did the ants carry the almonds and hid them in two different locations, so that they could transport them in bits to their homes later? I guess so.

I conclude ants are definitely intelligent.

Born Again???

Isn’t it interesting to know what we were in our past births? Dr. Walter Semkiw has published a book “Born Again”, which gives more insight into this. He has done considerable research on famous personalities. Semkiw mentions that physical traits, personality and talents are passed on through lifetimes!!!

Among the Indians, he has picked Amitabh Bachan, Jaya Bachan, Rehka, Sonia Gandhi and many more. Amitabh Bachan is supposed to have been Edwin Booth (1833 – 1893) in his previous birth. Edwin Booth was a great actor of Victorian times. Jaya bachan is supposed to have been Mary McVickers, wife of Edwin Booth. Rekha is supposed to be Edwin Booth’s first wife Mary Devlin, who died within few years of their marriage. Methodology he has used to make this conclusion is in the book.

Below: Edwin Booth and Amitabh Bachan

Below: Jaya Bachan and Mary McVickers

Does this mean that we will have the same spouses though many lifetimes? Ooooops!!

Is this a Discovery or Hypotheses???

My observation:
Edwin Booth’s features don’t seem to match with Amitabh Bachan, but seems to match Aamir Khan’s.


6 Years Ago...

I read somewhere, God sometimes sends Angels in form of friends.

Most of us would agree. Six years ago, Oct 2000, God sent one such Angel, Casy to me. No one has touched my life, as Casy has done. She is a Mother when I am weeping, she is a Dad when I make mistakes and need support, she is a Sister when I have to share secrets, she is Brother when I need to deal with this bad world, she is a Philosopher when I need some sense (I severely lack that). She painstakingly replies to my mails, calls me. Me a bad girl, I don't call her regularly nor reply to all her mails (but I read them), but, she understands.

What do I say about her? She is my first Boy Friend. Jokes apart, she has been my guiding star.

When I sit to count my blessings, she is always there on that list.

When it Rains..

If you are driving slowly in heavy traffic and you have your air conditioner on, do you keep your car windows tightly shut?
If yes, then think again. This causes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Recently, family of four dies in a car due to carbon monoxide poisoning. It was raining and the family sat in the car with AC on and had rolled up the windows.

Rain water partially chokes the exhaust pipe and denies a smooth exit for the exhaust fumes. Since the AC had been left on, the exhaust fumes mixed with the air and formed carbon monoxide causing suffocation. The car was still running, when the four were found dead. The exhaust pipe had submerged leaving no outlet for exhaust fumes.

Carbon monoxide is said to be a silent killer as it induces a sleep like state not allowing the person to feel any pain.

It is suggested that, during monsoon the drivers drive with windows rolled down and without AC.

How you could prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning:

I hate Taxi Drivers

I always dreaded the buses and the auto drivers. They drove mercilessly on the roads. Now, the buses and the auto drivers seem to me as souls from heaven, as my encounters with the Taxi drivers have increased.

Taxi drivers come with divine powers; I could never do what they do. They drive at 120 km/hr when the speed limit is 30 km/hr; they overtake anyone from left or right, with least bit of noise; they take a sharp turn to the right of the road, from the leftmost end, with least bit of indication to the other vehicles; when there is a traffic jam, they blare their horns for way; they enter one ways and cause a traffic jam and argue that they are right; they stop their vehicles right in the center of the road, for people to alight, mind you they don’t signal that they r stopping.

Today morning, there was a traffic jam in the ring road, all the vehicles are going in the straight line, a taxi driver just takes a right turn to squeeze into little space, and go a few millimeters ahead. In this process he hits another car (not a taxi), which was coming straight. And it is not the Taxi driver's problem, the driver of the other car was coming straight!!!

There is a banner behind almost every taxi which says:
"In case of rash driving, call: 12345566". If some good citizens like me, call the number, we get a rude reply "With the traffic in Bangalore, they are driving the best." and they slam the receiver of the telephone.

How do I do it?

hmmm.. I have been getting quite a few brickbats from my friends for concentrating too much on SPIRITS....

Anyway, if anyone is interested here is the way to do spiritual writing. Well, I tried the below steps. In the first attempt my hand drew mountains, it went up and down; second attempt my hand went round and round, third attempt my hand wrote "rrebuk", don’t know what it means though. I have tried again. If you try the below steps and get some success do let me know.

Here's How:
1. Find a quiet spot without distractions.
2. Sit at a table or desk where you'll be comfortable, with paper and pen (or pencil).
3. Take a few moments to clear your mind.
4. Touch the pen or pencil to the paper.
5. Try not to consciously write anything.
6. While keeping your mind as clear as possible, let your hand write whatever comes across.
7. Avoid looking at the paper; you might even keep your eyes closed.
8. Give it time to happen (nothing might happen for quite a while).
9. When it seems to be done, if and when automatic writing does occur, look over what your hand has produced carefully. The writing may appear to be nonsense or just scribbling, but try to decipher it as best as possible.
10. In addition to letters and numbers, look for pictures or symbols in the writing as well.
11. Keep trying. Nothing might happen your first few attempts.
12. If you start to achieve success, you can try asking questions to see if you can receive responses.

There is no guarantee that automatic writing will work for you, but don't give up if it doesn't work the first few times. Give it a chance.
Be aware of psychological dangers. Some messages that come across might be disturbing. If you're at all not able to handle this possibility, don't attempt automatic writing.

All the Best!! Do let me know if you get any success in this.

Excavation through Spirit Writing

Glastonbury Abbey was one of the most powerful and influential churches in Britain. In 1539, Henry VII ordered its destruction, and it was razed to the ground with such thoroughness that even its floor plan and overall dimensions were lost. Local people carted away the stones over the centuries, nothing remained of the Abbey.

In 1907, Glastonbury was bought over by a wealthy individual and held in trust until the Church of England could raise the money to buy the site and begin restoration in 1908. Frederick Bligh Bond was given the responsibility of excavation.

Bligh Bond instead of adopting the usual trial and error method of excavation, i.e. digging a trench here and there, Bligh used Spirit writing. With the most astonishing speed he uncovered the floor plan of the 600 foot Abbey, and made many remarkable discoveries with regards to the Abbey.

In 1918, Bligh disclosed in this book “The Gate of remembrance” that he and his friend John Alleyne, had come in contact with a deceased monk 'Johannes Bryant' through Automatic / Spiritual writing. Johannes lived from 1497 to 1533, and was involved in constructing the Abbey. Under his influence, Alleyne sketched a gargoyle that Johannes claimed to have sculpted himself.

Bond dug as instructed by his spiritual guide and almost at once discovered the foundations for the Abbey's twin towers followed by the legendary Edgar Chapel. Next he found the main altar, and an unknown side door behind it, as well as finding coloured glass, secret tunnels, water courses and drainage systems. He was able to identify every part of the site, including the herb gardens, the monks' hospital, dormitories, washrooms, some small cloisters (which were not shown on any historical plans).

Glastonbury Abbey today is supposed to be the oldest existing Christian church in the world.

Spirit Writing

Spirit writing is also called as Automatic writing. In this process of writing, the messages do not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writer is unaware of what is written. Origin of these messages is unknown; it could be the "spirit world" or the subconscious.

In the first case, the writing was produced by an American lady, Mrs. John H. Curran of St. Louis Missouri. The case was closely observed by, Dr. Walter Franklin Prince, well known for his work as Research Officer of the Boston Society for Psychic Research. He wrote an exhaustive volume entitled The Case of Patience Worth, which was published by the above-named society in 1927.

Mrs. Curran was born of British parents at Mound City, Illinois, in 1883; she received only a desultory education and left school at the age of fourteen. At the age of thirty-one, she had never left the Middle Western States and had never seen the sea.

On the 8th July 1913, spiritual communications appeared to her from a personality who called herself “Patience Worth." Mrs. Curran hand started writing on the board. Patience Worth was a 263 year-old spirit of an Englishwoman of Dorsetshire England. Through Mrs. Curran, “Patience Worth” produced an enormous literary output, largely consisting of fiction, estimated at something like three million words.

Literary output included The Sorry Tale, a novel of the time of Christ; Telka, a tale of the Middle Ages; Hope Trueblood, a nineteenth-century story; The Pot upon the Wheel, and a large amount of poetry, impromptu proverbs, prayers, short compositions and conversation. An interesting feature of these works is that they were produced in markedly different types of dialect, but with a tendency towards the archaic.

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