New cycle

Got a new two wheeler cycle for kids. They are super excited. Karthik already fell once. He already graduated to next stage of pulling out stickers and parts from cycle.

How to write home work

Vaibhav had to write A to N each 5 times. So he found a way of completing his homework. It was absolutely hilarious.

How to teach english?????

Finding it tough to teach karthik English. I
Started teaching him spellings. I asked him to write he wrote "tabl". I asked to write "e" at the end. So he asked will become "tableee"." E" in phonics.

Best place to eat

Had been to mom's at raheja apartments. They have good kids park. I got karthik, vaibhav and priya chocolates. Karthik chose to sit on top of slide and enjoy his chocolate undisturbed.

Vaibhav's love for Karthik

Vaibhav's love for his brother Karthik is amazing. Not one but many such instances.

Doughnut incident.

We had got a couple of doughnuts from mall for both Karthik and Vaibhav. Vaibhav was asleep and Karthik ate off his doughnut. When Vaibhav woke up, I gave him his doughnut to eat. So he asked me to make it into two pieces and give one to Karthik. I told him that Karthik had already eaten his doughnut so he can eat all of it. But, he refused. I tried to convince him but he began to cry. So I made two pieces of dough nut and gave one to Karthik. Both of them ate happily.
But I was so moved and touched.

Chocolate incident.

I had taken Vaibhav to medical store. He asked me to buy him a chocolate. I bought two (one for him and other for Karthik), but gave him one while keeping away the second one from his view. He immediately asked me to buy for Karthik. To see what he will do, I refused to buy one for Karthik. He began to cry and didn't stop till I handed over Karthik's chocolate to him. Vaibhav didn't eat his. He carried it all the way home. Gave one chocolate to his brother and then he ate his. !!

Bangle incident.

I was cleaning my cupboard. I had four odd bangles, which I couldn't use for anything. So I gave it to Vaibhav to play. He immediately split them into two each and gave two bangles to Karthik incident

Water incident
When I sit to feed both I don't get water for them. Vaibhav when feels need of water he goes and gets one glass for himself, keeps it in his place. He then goes and gets another glass of water for karthik. Just amazing.