Vaibhav's latest game

Vaibhav picks all sorts of things and keeps stuffing into his father's pockets. This time he found a big shampoo bottle to stuff into his father's pockets.

Kids enjoying flinto

Flinto is an activity box for kids. This time one of activity was finger painting the animals. Since, there was lot of paint and lot of waste cardboard I made a jungle out of it. Kids enjoyed painting more.

I have kept it on floor

Vaibhav had a newly bought pen in his hand. He put it down to take up something else. I asked him "yaako pen na kelaage bisakidhiya" ( why have you thrown pen down). Immediately vaibhav made an angry face and replied "bisakilla.. iitidhini" (not thrown but kept).👌👌👌

Experiment with water

Today i was reaching boys concept of surface tension. Too much for them? Believe me, they love it and they do understand it to their best level.  They totally enjoy it.