Lilly using Crepe / Duplex paper

I bought some gold coloured crepe paper. The colour is so vibrant that I couldn’t resist making something out of it. So I made huge a Lilly. But for the leaves I used the Duplex paper. Once done, the flower looked gorgeous and when placed amongst the rest of the artificial flowers I have made, this stood out. I tried hard, but couldn’t capture the beauty of the flower I had made.

Modern Art – Painting

I did some painting of random shapes and objects. I used vibrant colours. Once, done, I was amazed at how it looked, so went and got it framed :-).

Modern Art

Crystal Flowers

I was waiting to make some crystal flowers because they look so royal and different. But I didn’t have the right coloured crystals at home. When I got them I could hardly wait and immediately plunged to make those. The crystal flowers looked so pretty. Whoever saw it, just said “wow!!!! Beautiful !!!”.

Crystal flowers

Door Decor

Door decorations are very common in India; you will see it in front of almost every home. I made one with green crystals.

Door decor

Terracotta Jewelry

I made some terracotta jewelry.  I bought some clay, made different shapes of beads, dollars and earrings and left them to dry. Once they dried up, I painted them with different hues and assembled to form necklaces. What do you think of them?

Full neck chains with earrings

Half neck chains

Rudrakshi chain

Glass painting and flowers

I made a new glass painting last week and a couple of duplex, stockings and origandy flowers.
The flowers look so good that i want to make more but no time :-(.

Glass painting

Orange flowers are made of origandy. Red and pink flowers are made of duplex

Flowers made of duplex paper

Stockings flower