Karthik could read three letter words

I have been working with Karthik to read three letter words, since he has become conversant in phonics. Today was the best day since, I started this effort. he could read many three letter words and many he asked me to make for him. He could read bat / cat / rat / mat / sat / pat and fat. When I asked him what fat meant he said "appa is fat" and gestured the same :-). He then asked me to put letters for "Bun", which I did. To make it funny I then put "BuM". He laughed and laughed and laughed at the word. I then continued with can / fan / man / ran and so on. But he could read most of the three letter words. Good Going. 

Proud moments.

It was moment of joy and triumph when Vaibhav could recite all the shlokas he learnt at the shloka class, and when Karthik could dance wonderfully from day one in the dance class.
I have no words to describe but it was just an amazing feeling to see Karthik dance so well and enjoy it. Same, when Vaibhav recites the shlokas. It feels worth every hard work I have put in. It took me a year of googling to find a shloka class and a dance class for them. It is quiet a effort to drive them on roads with one feet deep potholes and heavy traffic, most often I am exhausted by the time I get home. But, when I see them enjoy and perform, it feels worth every effort. 

uuhhhh!! Well!!

During June 2015 I didnt send karthik to school for three days since he has swollen eyes.
Vaibhav finished his breakfast and came to me asking for my phone. "Amma phone alli phonics song haaku"[Amma, put phonics song on the mobile.]. Karthik was sitting there and having breakfast, he immediatly told "Vaibhav, phonics nood beda amma, ninage school innu illa. Mobile alli games aadu."[Vaibhav, don't see phonice song since your school hasn't yet started, instead play games on the mobile].