Vaibhav's first english sentence

We were driving back home in car. Raj and his dad were sitting in the front seats. I asked Vaibhav "What is Thatha [grandpa] doing?". He immediately replied "Thatha doing, no driving".!! This was Vaibhav's first independent sentence and pretty impressive. 

Responsible Karthik

I was unwell. Karthik wanted to play cutting newspaper with scissors. He generally messes the entire hall with bits of newspaper and it is tiresome for me to clean it up. I told Karthik, "Baby, I am not well and I can't clean. If you will clean up the hall, then you go ahead and play.". Karthik agreed. I saw that he was cutting paper for quite sometime.  After a while when I went to the hall I saw it was clean. I realised that Karthik was picking and putting all the paper into the dustbin!!. Ooooooooooo my darling Karthik.!!

Karthik got so many stars

Karthik got 7 stars. It is the maximum till date. Feeling proud!!

Karthik's Journey at School - 1

Karthik joined Sishu Griha in June, 2014. He did take a while to settle but eventually settled with his aunty.
At school, they have started teaching him tracing numbers and alphabets.  So, my teaching him is getting streamlined and falling into a routine.

I procured sandpaper tracing numbers after some intense search in net. I sit with him everyday with the box of 10 numbers and coax him to trace. It is often met with resistance. I am more keen on pushing him to trace numbers everyday since I saw he wrote mirror numbers if asked to write. Just tracing didn't seem to work. So, I focused on just one number per day. So everyday trace two, write two and overwrite two. Today, he wrote two properly. I was soooooo happy. He wrote 2 properly about ten times and then wrote mirror again. I am happy that his mirror writing is temporary state and I realized we both have long journey of reading, writing and so on.

Brotherly care...

This is one amazing incident which happened sometime in August 2014.

Both Karthik and Vaibhav were still asleep in the morning and I was in the kitchen. I had cleared Vaibhav's feeding bottles from the bed and put them on the counter in the hall. Vaibhav woke up and began crying for milk. This woke up Karthik too. I hadn't heard Vaibhav's sound. Karthik came out, saw the feeding bottle on the counter, picked it up and gave it to Vaibhav. He then slept next to him comforting him while he had milk.