Onsite - Offshore model...

Lot of raving about onsite - offshore model isn't it? Global team!! One team!! Bah!!
Now imagine entire team of developers / analysts / testers out sitting in US and you one and only poor developer stationed in offshore-India (for the heck of it); intentionally or unintentionally you will end up feeling like a foster child of the project ... hmm or the entire project FAMILY.

Client is in east coast of US and the team (Apart from the poor developer) is on the west coast, so you will never be able to talk to the client... time difference!!! If you are going to complain and raise a bawl then be ready to forgo you night sleeps, be alert in the calls that start at your 2 am or 3 am (that is the only slot client has). And of course the team out there will try their best to remove the feeling of unwanted ness that has grown into you, they will ask you take the notes and to promptly send them the MOM (minutes of meeting) before their EOD (end of day)!!!

You will burn midnight lamps to meet the deadlines and in the status call you will jubilantly announce that you have completed your tasks well within time... only to have the entire team chuckle because the deadline was pushed for the following month, months ago. #$@$@#$!!!

You will cry, scream and jump around to find out what is happening there. Unable to bear your bawls the family there will give you some work, which doesn’t need much of your brains. Try standing unnoticed; hoping someone will understand you, will allocate you will some work that is of your caliber (!!!), if you think so you shall continue to remain unnoticed.

As days pass by in the project, you will resign to the fate of receiving only end tasks, which are monotonous and boring. Don’t bother to complain, you will get to hear only the management jargons. Just start praying and hoping that your next project will come offshore and you will have just onsite team member!!! Every Dog has its day!!

God's smiling face

Yesterday night, when I lifted my eyes to see the sky, I saw a beautiful sight.
I saw God's smiling face. Moon positioned itself to be God's loving smile and the planets Venus and Jupiter positioned themselves as God's beautiful eyes.

I tried capturing the image on mobile's camera, but in vain. Then I tried in a camera, I did get the image but it no where matched the God's face.