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Continuing the series of Dinos and Man….

How would we believe that dinos and man may have lived one earth together - Fossils isn’t it? What if we found pictures of dinos etched by early man? Can’t that be one source of evidence? One such is Ica Stones.

The Ica Stones were found in Peru in 1956, which had hand etched images of the dinosaurs and the primitive birds. There more than 15,000 such stones varying from the size of a base ball to twice that of a basket ball.

They clearly depicted the Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus and Pterodactyls. The stones also depicted men hunting down the dinosaurs and flying Pterodactyls.

Theses stones are composed of andesite, a very hard mineral. These stones get covered with natural varnish created by bacteria on it.
The carvings on Ica stones were supposed to be have been made, by scraping away the natural varnish to expose the lighter stone.
According to some reports, the grooves of the etchings also bear traces of additional varnish, however, indicating that they are very old.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been possible to date the Ica Stones, as they do not have any organic material to use radio carbon dating, and rocks can be dated by examining the strata in which they were found, but Ica stones were uncovered by the erosion of a river bank.

More expeditions will help us find harder evidence (if there is any) about Dinos and Man.

Dinos lived with man!!

Once upon a time Dinosaurs and Humans lived together. Man loved to hunt down the Carnivorous Dinos but loved to have Veggie Dinos as pets. Then one day a meteorite struck the earth and Dinos vanished.

How does this story sound? Doesn’t sound true?? Well, there have been evidences that Dinos and Humans co-existed!! One of them is Clay Figurines.

50 years ago an archeologist Val Julesrod discovered some clay figurines at the base of the Bull Mountain in Mexico. Now, what is so intriguing about them?
Clay figurines depict animals that not only resemble camels, elephants, horses but also exact replications of certain dinosaur species Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Pterodactyls thought to have been extinct for over 60 million years!

Radiocarbon dating showed that they were 3500 years old. These figurines were found in groups of 20 to 40, and Val was able to collect over 30,000 of these. The dinosaurs were both alone and in various interactions with human figures.

Initially, this was disregarded as hoax, but was proved over and over again.

Dinosaurs got extinct 60 million years ago and mankind dates back to 2 million years, how they could co-exist? Does this mean that mankind existed in Jurassic Age? Or did Dinos live 3000 years ago? Or did man know about Dinos? Oops!! lots of questions.

If man existed with the Dinos then either man must have been gigantic or the Dinos must have been little (more about this soon).

Airplanes – When Did they come in?

Let me test your general knowledge. When did airplanes come into existence?? Did you say this century? Well, Then you are absolutely WRONG!!!
Many researchers believe that the Egyptians knew the aeronautics secrets and could fly but later the secrets were lost.

Egyptian Airplane
In 1898, a 6 inch model of what looks like a glider was found in the tomb at Saqquara. It has been exhibited in a museum in Cario. Was it just a toy or a scale down version of the real aircraft?

Carvings at Abydos
At Abydos, ancient temple built by Seti I and his son Ramses II, there were curious carvings on the stone slabs. They seemed to be the images of aircrafts.
Below are the self explanatory images from the temple wall.

The Wall
Close up from the wall

Plane with a man?
Helicopter ?


Central and South American Shuttle
Models of airplane made in gold were found in the Central and South America. These date back to 500 AD.

From our scriptures
Haven’t we all heard stories from our epics where the Gods and Demigods traveled in Vimanas. Ravana carried away Sita to Lanka in a Vimana, Remember!! Our ancient scriptures describe this aircrafts in depth to the very last technical detail. In “Vaimanika Shastra” (Aeronautical Science), talks about different flying machines and describes in depth the technical details of constructing and flying an airplane.

Interesting? You could read more here:

The Dropa Stones

The Dropa Stones were discovered when Chi Pu Tei, a professor of archaeology at Beijing University, and his students went out to explore caves in Himalayas.

They found the caves were squared and glazed. On the walls of the caves were pictures of sun, moon, stars and a dotted line connecting the earth to the sky.

There were many graves which had creatures of about 4 feet. The creatures had huge heads and small bodies. There were hundreds of Dropa Stones near the graves. Dropa stones were discs of one foot diameter with a hole in the center and had inscriptions. Stones have been determined to be about 12000 years old.

In 1958 Dr. Tsum Um Nui, deciphered one of the lines of the hieroglyphs. Translation read as “The Dropas came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropas, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions . . . ."

Another section read that “the aliens' craft had crash-landed in such a remote and inaccessible mountain range and that there had been no way to building a new one to enable the Dropas to return to their own planet.”

None of these have been proved but rather severely criticized. But still makes an interesting reading isn’t it? Were the Dropa truly aliens from some distant planet, or is this all a myth?

Read more at:

GDC day - Sweet Victory !!

Finally 6th Oct 2006 had dawned. It was the GDC day!!! We boarded the buses which would take us to Club Cabana. Journey was long, and slow owing to traffic. Interestingly, the driver didn’t know where to take us. We lost our way to Club Cabana and went 2 kilometers ahead of the club and had to retrace. Thirsty and hungry, we pounced on the welcome drinks at the Club.

No time to relax! We rushed into a photo session, it was followed by a couple of speeches and we broke for lunch. Phew!! After lunch we had singing competition, a toastmaster capsule, and finally the skit competition.

We geared up for the skit. Since our skit was the first skit to go on stage, we set the stage in a hurry and the skit kicked off. From the back stage, I could hear peals of laughter all through the skit. We had a huge round of applause when our skit got over. We had few more teams performing. We watched the other skits, kept our fingers crossed and hoped for a first prize. We requested our teammate to record the skit in his handy cam. But later realized that, he had forgotten to press the “Rec” button. Googly!!!

Now it was the Time for results! The judge announced that our team was victorious. We had won FIRST PRIZE!! Entire team was up on its feet, and celebrating. From the stage we rushed to the garden and posed for the victory photos, with the trophy.

The return journey was a celebration with singing and dancing.

Practicing the Skit - “X – factor”, GDC day - Part 2

We are a Lazy bunch of people in our team. So the leads literally had to pull us into the practice rooms. But little did we know that this would turn out to be a fun ride, with surprises..

What’s the story of the skit?

Our company follows a performance appraisal rating system where people are rated as one of these: X, E+, E and E-. X being the topmost and E- being the bottommost.

A fresher 'kid ' in the company aspires to get the topmost grade “X” during performance appraisal. During the first year, the kid works diligently but his arrogant manager gives him an E, but promises a better grade the following year. The following year, kid works harder, but the manager is replaced and he ends up with an E again! The kid is frustrated.

In the third year, the kid is no longer a kid. He's grown into this macho, scary man wielding cycle chains, knives and the like. (We actually replaced the thin timid looking actor with a huge, muscular one to make the transformation obvious!) . And this time, the manager is a timid, diffident chap. Our guy threatens the manager with a knife and a gun and cruises his way to an X. Hence the title “X – factor”.

We also had some interesting characters in the skit: like the cool dude who always gets an X, the filing assistant (not the administrative filing, but filing the nails of the 2nd manager), etc. Another thing about this skit - it was a silent skit, no dialogues! We selected songs from Bollywood to match each character and situation.

The Fun Part

You see, we are software engineers and we are used to changing roles and responsibilities everyday. So we felt free to would swap our roles during the days of practice. The director clueless of the swapping would pull his hair, and re-align the characters. Ooops! I forgot to mention, we had a director for the play, whom we drove so mad that he lost quite a bit of his hair during practice session.

The characters kept coming up with weird ideas to implement in the play, and added to the confusion. One of the leads felt there was enough confusion and decided to take matters in his hands. Moment anyone would come up with a weird idea, we had him running after them, shooting at them with the toy gun and bullet. Two days before the event, couple of the main character threw in the towel and withdrew from the event (project pressures!) We had an hour long serious talk to decide a “GO” or “NO-GO”. Finally it was not-so-unanimous “GO”.

Well, the most important part of the skit, Me!!I play the role of the second manager. My entry would be accompanied by the jingle from the movie Kuch Kuch hotta hai “Ms.Breganza...aaahaa”. , followed by “Haaila!! New Manager!!”. To record “Haaila!! New Manager!!” we did many takes and retakes, tested everybody’s voice. Phew!! Finally!! Got it recorded. And yes forgot to mention this. When I am on stage I will have an assistant filing my nails.

A couple of practice sessions and individual acting tuning, the skit shaped up well. We were all excited about the real show.

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GDC day
Sweet Victory

Back to Life!! GDC Day - Part 1

A mail saying that 6th Oct is "GDC day” Yawn!! Yawn!! (GDC is the name of my division, comprising of around 300 people). The event was at Club Cabana, who cares!! Another mail saying "Participate in Skit competition between the groups in GDC. Teams Enroll now!!" Yawn!! Yawn!! Are people jobless to participate?

I had bid adieu to stage before entering my post graduation and I had no enthusiasm to participate / initiate any skit, neither did I think any one from the team would be interested.

That evening my team started to plan for the skit - theme, script, actors. Wasn't keen on joining it, but joined. Well!! I don't regret joining the skit preparation; it was whole lot of fun. We were mimicking out Performance Appraisal Process. Coming up with the script and casting people onto the roles, turned out to be hilarious. I got cast too as a project manager. The entire script came up on the “White Board”. Now who will write it down? We are software engineers, we do SMART work not HARD work. So we took photos of the board with our mobiles.

Few days were left to practice, projects were on and there were many deadlines to meet. I didn't think this skit would even take off.

But, it is a strange world, you see.

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Practicing for the skit
GDC day
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Toastmaster? or RoastMaster?

Easy Cure For Typhoid

What made me search for a treatment for typoid?

My maid was down with it and had to shell out of lot of money for the treatment, Money part aside, she would take at least 2 months to recover. So, wondered if there are alternate ways to treat typhoid. I dug into the net.

Now, why did I dig? People take weeks to recover from Jaundice. My Dad treats people for jaundice, and they are back to their normal life and re-start work by the fourth day. He uses a combination of herbs, which tastes very very bitter.

So thought, there should be such medicines for Typhoid too. This is what I found.
Aloe-Vera and pure honey can be used to prevent and cure typhoid fever. Pure honey, Aloe-Vera and the white part of egg should be properly mixed together, this mixture is even more effective than many antibiotics popularly used for anti-typhoid orthodox drugs. This herbal remedy very effective, if only the white part of the egg from a local chicken is used, for preparing the anti-typhoid and paratyphoid medicine.

Well, the above remedy is not tried and tested by me, but though it can always be of help.


Girl grows glass

Sarita Bista, has been generating glass from her forehead for last eight months, since January 2006. She sat in meditation for months without any food and drink till she fainted. The next day she began to bleed in the forehead and next day sliver of glass came out of her forehead. Since then she has been producing glass strands of 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. Around 100 glass slivers have been produced by her till date.

This incident has not been explored by the scientists or rationalists and its veracity is not proven.

Can a human stay for months without food and drink? I cannot really comment about the authenticity of this incident.

More can be found upon searching in google.