Dinos lived with man!!

Once upon a time Dinosaurs and Humans lived together. Man loved to hunt down the Carnivorous Dinos but loved to have Veggie Dinos as pets. Then one day a meteorite struck the earth and Dinos vanished.

How does this story sound? Doesn’t sound true?? Well, there have been evidences that Dinos and Humans co-existed!! One of them is Clay Figurines.

50 years ago an archeologist Val Julesrod discovered some clay figurines at the base of the Bull Mountain in Mexico. Now, what is so intriguing about them?
Clay figurines depict animals that not only resemble camels, elephants, horses but also exact replications of certain dinosaur species Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Pterodactyls thought to have been extinct for over 60 million years!

Radiocarbon dating showed that they were 3500 years old. These figurines were found in groups of 20 to 40, and Val was able to collect over 30,000 of these. The dinosaurs were both alone and in various interactions with human figures.

Initially, this was disregarded as hoax, but was proved over and over again.

Dinosaurs got extinct 60 million years ago and mankind dates back to 2 million years, how they could co-exist? Does this mean that mankind existed in Jurassic Age? Or did Dinos live 3000 years ago? Or did man know about Dinos? Oops!! lots of questions.

If man existed with the Dinos then either man must have been gigantic or the Dinos must have been little (more about this soon).


pavan kumar said...

didnt Flintstone have a dino as a pet? We even have video evidence (watch the cartoons) :D

I thought there was considerable time gap b/w the two periods (when dinos vanished and humans evolved). hmmn..

PizzaDude said...

Waiting to hear more about this. Very Intriguing :-?

hardu said...

Its really Interesting to know this!

Vin said...

Pavan: :-D, you mentioned a very strong evidence..

The current theory is that dinos vanished and humans came in. But there are many evidences that they co-existed. I will publish more such.

Keep up you sense of humour!!

Vin said...

Pizzadude/ Hardu : Surely will be putitng many more

Casy said...

It's kinda hard to believe. It must have been really hard for people to accept the fact that earth was not flat as they feared it was, but was indeed geoid :). Probably that is how difficult it will be for us to accept this too, even if it is true.

jus_another_blogger said...

Seems u are becoming an expert in collecting weird newz... lol. Good work, keep it up ;)

vibhor said...

interesting thing..
wont imagine , dino and man can co-exist...
anyways..have a great weekend..

Ashish said...

The known time gap between the two is very different. However, if there does get to be some fossil record, then it will be interesting.

ekawaaz said...

Scary :)

Very good blog, keep blogging will bounce back later some time.

Balaji said...

You really want to believe on the theory of aliens and all. Funny.

Flintstones got insiration from these theories may be... :)

An interesting thought though.

Moon Child said...

wow... nice blog, got to know of some REALLY interesting stuff!

Vin said...

Casy: yes, it will be tough for us to accept. whatever we know about earth today will change.

Just Another Blogger: Thanks :-). Keep coming !!

Vibhor: Thanks for visiting my blog. Do keep visiting

Ashish: yes true. Fossil records will be intresting. these clay figurines just depict the dinos. For all you know, those people could have found fossils of dinos and have realised that they exisited once upon a time.

Ekawaaz: thanks for visitng my blog. Do come back.

Balaji: Belief is based on fact. I m stating the facts. Theories will be formed later by experts.
I believe anything can happen in this world. So i try to find out such strange happening in this world (cud b fact / myth) and put them to the blog. U don't have to believe them, just enjoy :-)

Moon_child: thanks for visiting. do come back

Apun Ka Desh said...

Hmmm... did humans cause the dino's to vanish too ? :)