Back to Life!! GDC Day - Part 1

A mail saying that 6th Oct is "GDC day” Yawn!! Yawn!! (GDC is the name of my division, comprising of around 300 people). The event was at Club Cabana, who cares!! Another mail saying "Participate in Skit competition between the groups in GDC. Teams Enroll now!!" Yawn!! Yawn!! Are people jobless to participate?

I had bid adieu to stage before entering my post graduation and I had no enthusiasm to participate / initiate any skit, neither did I think any one from the team would be interested.

That evening my team started to plan for the skit - theme, script, actors. Wasn't keen on joining it, but joined. Well!! I don't regret joining the skit preparation; it was whole lot of fun. We were mimicking out Performance Appraisal Process. Coming up with the script and casting people onto the roles, turned out to be hilarious. I got cast too as a project manager. The entire script came up on the “White Board”. Now who will write it down? We are software engineers, we do SMART work not HARD work. So we took photos of the board with our mobiles.

Few days were left to practice, projects were on and there were many deadlines to meet. I didn't think this skit would even take off.

But, it is a strange world, you see.

More to Follow:
Practicing for the skit
GDC day
Sweet Victory
Toastmaster? or RoastMaster?


phatichar said...

Nice.. :). Role of Project Manager, did you say? All the best!

enigma said...

Reminds me of the skits in school..i used to take part in allll of them. Some of the roles i've played are:
Granny, Rosa aunty, Innkeeper (keeper of the inn where Jesus Christ was born!!), Cop (i got to hold a fake rifle and was thrilled abt it :D ), freedom fighter2

Vin said...

phatichar: yea, project manager on stage if not in real life.. :-)).. drama got over on 6th oct... results of drama i will let u know later... :-)

enigma: oh is it ? thank god! u weren't around on that day. Else i cud never have been a project manager. :-p

shark said...

LOL! on taking pictures of the white board instead of writing it down..;-)!

pavan kumar said...

wow, exploring new heights of laziness or tech breakthroughs? ;)

phatichar said...

will wait for 'em... :)

Casy said...

I could sense the excitement in your voice when you told me about the skit :)... I'm sure you would have had lot more fun than you have actually written here... you should have probably recorded what you told me and then just uploaded the file :))... you know, like you took the picture of the board :)) and THAT would have been the heights of laziness ;)