Girl grows glass

Sarita Bista, has been generating glass from her forehead for last eight months, since January 2006. She sat in meditation for months without any food and drink till she fainted. The next day she began to bleed in the forehead and next day sliver of glass came out of her forehead. Since then she has been producing glass strands of 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. Around 100 glass slivers have been produced by her till date.

This incident has not been explored by the scientists or rationalists and its veracity is not proven.

Can a human stay for months without food and drink? I cannot really comment about the authenticity of this incident.

More can be found upon searching in google.


pavan kumar said...

the last line was some relief:

"Nepal also suffers from a high incidence of superstition. A large number of the population still believes in witches, divine cures and supernatural manifestations.

shark said...

Sometime back I read a girl was crying stones!

But later on they found out that she was "acting" they found a bag of stones in her luggage..:)

I am not sure if this glass thingy is true or false.. but it's kinda hard to believe.

krishnan said...

HA HA HA....Thanks for the joke.

This is a havoc. Glass is a super cooled liquid, majorly of silica (SiO2). Silica has a melting point of 2000-3000°C.

I think she is jus a girl and not a furnace...;-)

Casy said...

psst... lemme know when she starts producing "gold" strands... I might want to meet her then ;)

Gattina said...

Staying without food such a long time ? No that is impossible. But Casy had a good idea, just let us know !

Vin said...

I am waiting for the gold strands.. Casy.. u always come up with gr8 ideas....