Mountain lays eggs!!

In Guizhou province of china, a mountain cliff has been laying eggs once in 30 years.
The mountain is called Chan Dan Ya meaning Egg Producing Hill. It is densely covered with trees and weeds; surface is extremely uneven and very steep.

A number of egg shaped stones appear on the bluff of the mountain, once every 30 years. These eggs are approximately 30 centimeters in diameter, oval in shape and light yellow in colour. There are 68 such eggs preserved by the local people around, who feel these stones are good omens and will protect them.

Analysis of the stone eggs, reveal that the rocks date back to the Cambrian age, this was prior to the Triassic and Jurassic age!!! Oddly enough, the Chan Dan Ya is made up of calcareous (composed of calcium carbonate or chalk) rocks. It is indeed intriguing that Cambrian period rocks are coming out of a calcareous mountain.



Anonymous said...

I guess it is just buried deep within and just come up when there is some big physical activity like landslie or something like that.

shark said...

It is a Strange World!

P.S:(where have I seen this line before ;-)?)

PizzaDude said...

Trust you to come with these kinds of interesting pieces of information.

pavan kumar said...

[adding to pizzadude] this is turning into "Vin's believe it or not" series ;)

keep amazing us :)

Casy said...

aao batao humein ande ka funda
yeh nahin pyari koi maamuli anda
ismein chipa hain mountain ka falsafa
ande mein anda... anda
funde mein funda... funda

mountain agar na hota to ande na hote
andon ke bin maze ki baat na hoti
gar baat na hoti to time pass na hota....
patna ho ya batinda yeh ghar ghar mein na milne wala anda

ismein chipa hain mountain ka falsafa...
aao batao humein ande ka funda...

If you do crack the mystery of the "egg laying mountain"... update your post with all the details ;)

enigma said...

But what came first? The mountain or the egg?

PizzaDude said...

ROTFL at casy's comment
Btw, how was ur weekend trip ?