Blackmailer Karthik!

Karthik when gets very naughty and Raj is not at home, I threaten him "irru, appa ge phone maadi helthini" [wait, I will call and tell appa]. Usually this has effect, because he doesn't like to look bad in front of his father. Other day, Karthik was up to mischief, so Raj got irked and reprimanded him. Instantly, Karthik picked up my mobile, placed it on his ear and told Raj, "irru, ninage, nimma appa ge phone maadthini" [You wait, I will call and tell your appa]. I immediately inquired Karthik as to who is appa's appa. Ofcourse, he didn't know, all he cared was threatening Raj.

Karthik didn't want to sleep today at noon, but I was coaxing him to do so and finally rebuked him for not listening to me. He immediately sat up straight on the cot and told me "nanu appa ge phone maadi helthini, ninu nanage hoditha iihiya antha!!!" [I will call appa and tell him that you are beating me up!!!].
I did call Raj and told him that Karthik wants to talk to him, Karthik without hesitation and with confidence told Raj "Amma, nanage hoditha iidhale!!".  Lair !!! Lair!!!

Raj, Karthik and I were driving back from my mother's house in Rajajinagar and it was almost 7 p.m. Karthik and I were sitting in the back seat of the car, while Raj was driving it. Karthik, would put his hand and pull Raj's shoulder or hand or stand in the space between the driver and the front passenger seat. Raj managed it to the extent he could.
          We entered cubbon park and Karthik was getting annoying. At a point we saw a policeman standing. So Raj, parked the car on the side of the road, took Karthik in his arms and threatened to give him off to the policeman. Karthik, immediately pointed out to "nothing" in particular and started asking Raj "Een adhu?"[what is that?]. Raj persistently continued with Karthik, "Ninu, nana drive maaduwaga distrub maadhre, police ge kodthini"[If you disturb me while driving, I will hand you over to police]. Karthik, all the time kept his gaze away from Raj and kept pointing out to "nothing" outside the window and kept asking "Een adhu?". Finally Raj gave up. But, Karthik was well behaved for next 10 minutes.

Little mechanic at work

Today I left the laptop unattended and the little mechanic decided to repair it for me. Thank God! I saw it on time and saved my laptop.

Karthik in mini skirt

Karthik today tried putting on his shorts by himself. But, he ended up putting both his legs into same trunk, and it looked like he wore a mini skirt. Effect was hilarious, when he tried to walk. I couldn't help but laugh and laugh at his predicament.

Vaibhav's first work of art

Today Vaibhav got hold of a blue crayon from his brother's crayon set. He knew it was meant to write or draw. He tried drawing on the floor titles, but it wouldn't write. He then tried drawing on the cupboards but it wouldn't draw. He then started drawing on the wall. I captured my little son's first art and I couldn't help but blog and publish it immediately.