Karthik is getting smart

I have been away from blog for ages. I decided to blog again about my kids - Karthik (now 2.5) and Vaibhav (now 11 months).
Karthik talks Kannada pretty well and is catching up on English.
Well!! Off late Karthik says such interesting and intelligent things, that I have no option but blog and record it forever.
27th Oct 2013:
I was watching some movie, I can't recall which. Heroine in that was dressed in white and had worn matching bangles, earring and had some neat hairstyle; and she was sitting in the restaurant with her Boyfriend. Suddenly, Karthik walks up to the TV, points the heroine and tells me "Amma, ninu hinge maadkondu appa jothe kuucho" [Amma you dress up like the heroine and sit with appa]!!!. I was speechless!.
29th OCt 2013:
Karthik asked his aapa "appa, ninu yaake istu dumma aag iidhiya?" [Appa, Why have you become so fat?]. Raj thought it was by chance Karthik said that and asked "Nanu elli dappa aag iidhini?" [Where have I become fat?]. Karthik, promplty put his hand over Raj's panuch and said "Illi" [Here]. Raj and I burst out laughing.

Karthik, we are waiting for more :-).