Appa .....

Raj left to chennai for a month long training. Vaibhav missed his appa, and couldn't express and we never realized :-(. Today he was sleeping in his cradle, and he began to wake up.  As, he began to wake up, in semi sleep state, with his eyes still closed, he started saying "appa appa.. appa hodru" (appa left). He kept repeating this in his semi sleep state. I quickly fetched my mobile and recorded it.

It was touching!!!


I probably haven't seen anything as cute as this. I was showing rhymes to Vaibhav. One of the rhyme was a lollipop rhyme, in which a boy was holding lollipop and licking it. Vaibhav immediately stretched his hand out and with his palm facing upwards, and started saying "Koodu, Koodu" [Give, give]. It was so cute and touching, that i fished out a lollipop from the secret stock and gave it to him. Vaibhav was so overjoyed that he immediately say "Anna, Thank you".[Brother, thank you]. He thought that the boy in the rhyme gave him the lollipop!!

28 / 29 Aug 2014 are Gowri and Ganesha Festivals. I had kept Gowri and Ganesha on the table above a heap of rice. Vaibhav wanted rice to play with. I told him, he should touch god but ask god. He stretched out his hand in receiving mode and began to ask Ganesha and Gowri idols, "Kolu, Kolu" [he meant "Kodu", meaning Give]. It would just be super cute, and I would go and pick some rice and give it to him. 

I hate full sleeve shirts !

Vaibhav hates full sleeve shirts. The moment we put it on him, he cries and cries and cries and tries to pull out the sleeve. It gets so hard to distract him and let him keep the shirt with full sleeves. It is hilarious to watch him trying to pull out the sleeves and shirt. He does the same for full pants! Just wondering what to do as he grows up.

Switch off eyes

Vaibhav and Karthik were painting on the newspaper. Maid was watching them, she then just lied down next to them and closed her eyes. Both boys took their brushes and began painting her face. She didn't move, she let them paint her face. Paint on Vaibhav's brush got over. So he re-dipped it and went to paint maid's face. Maid just then opened her eyes. So Vaibhav told her "Kannu off maadu" [Off your eyes]. He wanted to her to close her eyes so that he can continue painting her face. But since, his vocabulary is not yet so well developed, instead of telling "Kannu Muchu"[Close your eyes] he told "Kannu off maadu"[Switch off your eyes"

Karthik stars

Wow, Today Karthik got two stars on his wrist. It makes it 6 from the time he started off his Montessari I school on June 12th 2014 . 2nd September is his first observation day. I am waiting to go and watch him in his class.