I probably haven't seen anything as cute as this. I was showing rhymes to Vaibhav. One of the rhyme was a lollipop rhyme, in which a boy was holding lollipop and licking it. Vaibhav immediately stretched his hand out and with his palm facing upwards, and started saying "Koodu, Koodu" [Give, give]. It was so cute and touching, that i fished out a lollipop from the secret stock and gave it to him. Vaibhav was so overjoyed that he immediately say "Anna, Thank you".[Brother, thank you]. He thought that the boy in the rhyme gave him the lollipop!!

28 / 29 Aug 2014 are Gowri and Ganesha Festivals. I had kept Gowri and Ganesha on the table above a heap of rice. Vaibhav wanted rice to play with. I told him, he should touch god but ask god. He stretched out his hand in receiving mode and began to ask Ganesha and Gowri idols, "Kolu, Kolu" [he meant "Kodu", meaning Give]. It would just be super cute, and I would go and pick some rice and give it to him. 

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