Help!! I am locked in the bathroom!!

The incident I will be narrating, has shown me, how helpless we can be, how little control we can have on things and how God watches us and sends angels to help us.

On the fateful night, Karthik, Vaibhav and me were at home. Vaibhav was over 4 months old and Karthik just over 2 years. Raj was away on dinner and would return home by 11 pm. It was around 9 pm, that  I bolted the main door, left Vaibhav on the cot and I went to bathroom to remove my lenses and wash my face. Once I was done, I tried to open the bathroom door, the door wouldn't open. I checked the bolts, corners to see if something was stuck, but it was all clear. I tugged at the door harder but it wouldn't come.....Ooops!!! I realized that Karthik had locked me inside the bathroom!!!!  I was inside the bathroom, both the little ones were outside, the main door was locked and it was night!!!.
A chill went through my spine, I started shivering, I was dead scared, I knew Karthik can bolt but can't unbolt.

My heart started racing, my mind started playing the worse possible consequences. With quivering voice, sweat beads on the forehead, tears rolling down my cheeks, I called Karthik and asked him to open the bolt of the door. Poor child tried to open the bolt but was unsuccessful. I cajoled him, begged him to try once more but he was busy playing with a toy and wouldn't listen to me. I got desperate and I banged the door and shouted in desperation "Karthik, open the door, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Hearing the noise, Vaibhav started crying and Karthik hearing the door bang, me shout and Vaibhav cry,  started to cry louder. I tried to calm Karthik down and get him to open the door, but to no avail. Both Karthik and Vaibhav kept crying and crying.

What do I do now? I was located on the corner flat on third floor in the apartment. There were buildings next to the apartment, but were at the height of the apartment's first floor. The possibility of someone hearing me was remote. How do I call for help? How to get someone open the door? I started praying, "God, Please help, please take care of my kids." One consolation was, Vaibhav didn't roll yet, so the chances of he falling off the bed was nil.

I climbed on the commode's edge to reach the ventilation window, I tried to shout through it but not of much use. I tried removing each glass slab and shout through it. No one heard! I lost my balance and fell thud on the bathroom floor. I hurt my hand and my knee, but I was not majorly hurt.In an attempt to break open the fixed window, I started hitting harpic bottle against it. Vaibhav and Karthik continued to cry at their top of the voices.I was worried for Vaibhav since he was just over four months old and I had started fearing the worst.

Thank God, a girl, Sangeetha (Angel) from the neighboring house heard me. I told her that I was locked inside the bathroom and both my little kids were outside and crying. I requested her to let the watchman of my apartment know and also to call up my husband and let him know. She called Raj and also informed the watchman of my plight. She and her mother, then stood on their terrace and assured me of the best.

Watchman and practically the entire apartment were at my door, they attempted to open he door.
When they failed they started to break open the door. The noise scared both Karthik and Vaibhav. Both began to yell at top of their voices. Hearing Vaibhav yell, I started praying more and more feverently. My voice form bathroom hardly comforted both of them. Finally, the door was broken and  bathroom door was opened. Karthik was stuck to the bathroom door. I immediately took Karthik in my arms. By then Raj returned, I transferred Karthik to him and I picked Vaibhav and comforted him. Tears continued to flow down my eyes and my hands continued to shiver.

About forty people from my apartment had come to help the watchman open the door. I was so thankful to all of them. The entire process took about an hour and during that entire period, Vaibhav and Karthik were crying and I was praying.

Even to this day, when i recall the incident it sends chill through my spine, also I do feel assured that God is watching over us.

Broken door

Vaibhav learnt to pray !!

When I am praying and I see Vaibhav around I pray by bringing his palms together and raising his arms over my head saying "Jeegi.. jeegi"[God.... God]. He use to watch it keenly. Now, whenever I take Vaibhav in front of  God and tell him to pray, he immediately raises both his hands over his head.
Vaibhav praying

Time for you to read!

I generally get Karthik to sit with me and read "My First Words" book. Most often, he is very reluctant to read, so i coax him and when that fails I bribe him with chocolates or cookies. Today, Karthik took that book, placed it before me and said "Ninu idharalli ABCD oodhu, nanu ninage chocolate kodthini !!!"[You read the alphabets in this book, I will give you chocolate].........

I showed Karthik, Penguin in the book and asked him what it is. He rightly said "Penguin".  I asked him, "Penguin elli iruthe"[ Where does the Penguin live]? He promptly responded "Laptop alli iruthe"[It lives in the laptop]. 

Being a Dad!

I got this as a mail forward about being a dad, I just loved it so posting it here.

I hope there are no copyright issues :-).

Funny Teeth

Vaibhav has got two canine teeth. Both came at the same time. When he opens his mouth to give a big grin, he looks soooooo adorable and funny with theose two teeth.

Vaibhav in Frock

One day just decided to dress Vaibhav like a girl. I borrowed Vriti's (my Neighbour's daughter) frock and accessories and dressed up Vaibhav. He looked so adorable.

Amma, I don't want to go to school

Today, Karthik didn't want to go to school for some reason. It was very cute to watch him cry, I couldn't help but video it and then blog it.

He loves JCB

Karthik loves only one thing "JCB" or the digger. He has four JCBs of which one of them is his favourite. He sleeps with the JCB, eats with JCB, plays with JCB, bathes with JCB, watches JCB videos, talks about JCB, wants to hear JCB stories whatever be it, it has to be with his JCB. First thing he asks for after he wakes up is "JCB".

Oh!! He loves JCB.

He loves JCB!!

We miss you Appa!!

It is such a treat to see kids react when Raj returns home.

Hardly, does Raj step into the house Vaibhav,the little one, crawls at such amazing speed to his appa. Vaibhav then throws both his arms around his appa and rests his head on his appa's shoulders. Meanwhile, Karthik shouts and jumps around in joy and then runs to his appa. Now, Raj has a challenge he has Vaibhav in his arms and Karthik is tugging at his leg. Sometimes, Raj sits on the stool and then picks up Karthik too. This is a Visual treat for me, Vaibhav and Karthik hugging their appa in joy and Raj in sheer joy. Sometimes, Raj can't pick up Karthik. Karthik then sulks goes and sits on a sofa quietly or comes to me and asks me to pick him up. The sadness on his face is heart breaking. Raj then hurriedly transfers Vaibhav to me and picks up Karthik. Karthik takes a while to return to his normal self.

At times when I get to know that Raj is reaching the apartment, I take the kids out of the home to the corridor. As soon as the kids see Raj stepping out of the lift, they start shouting in joy. Karthik runs to his appa with open arms, while Vaibhav in my arms, beats his hands and legs excitedly and pushes in body towards Raj.

It takes about half an hour for kids to settle with their appa. All, that they try to say in their own sweet way is "We love you appa and we missed you."

Just back from office

Karthik is getting smart

I have been away from blog for ages. I decided to blog again about my kids - Karthik (now 2.5) and Vaibhav (now 11 months).
Karthik talks Kannada pretty well and is catching up on English.
Well!! Off late Karthik says such interesting and intelligent things, that I have no option but blog and record it forever.
27th Oct 2013:
I was watching some movie, I can't recall which. Heroine in that was dressed in white and had worn matching bangles, earring and had some neat hairstyle; and she was sitting in the restaurant with her Boyfriend. Suddenly, Karthik walks up to the TV, points the heroine and tells me "Amma, ninu hinge maadkondu appa jothe kuucho" [Amma you dress up like the heroine and sit with appa]!!!. I was speechless!.
29th OCt 2013:
Karthik asked his aapa "appa, ninu yaake istu dumma aag iidhiya?" [Appa, Why have you become so fat?]. Raj thought it was by chance Karthik said that and asked "Nanu elli dappa aag iidhini?" [Where have I become fat?]. Karthik, promplty put his hand over Raj's panuch and said "Illi" [Here]. Raj and I burst out laughing.

Karthik, we are waiting for more :-).