We miss you Appa!!

It is such a treat to see kids react when Raj returns home.

Hardly, does Raj step into the house Vaibhav,the little one, crawls at such amazing speed to his appa. Vaibhav then throws both his arms around his appa and rests his head on his appa's shoulders. Meanwhile, Karthik shouts and jumps around in joy and then runs to his appa. Now, Raj has a challenge he has Vaibhav in his arms and Karthik is tugging at his leg. Sometimes, Raj sits on the stool and then picks up Karthik too. This is a Visual treat for me, Vaibhav and Karthik hugging their appa in joy and Raj in sheer joy. Sometimes, Raj can't pick up Karthik. Karthik then sulks goes and sits on a sofa quietly or comes to me and asks me to pick him up. The sadness on his face is heart breaking. Raj then hurriedly transfers Vaibhav to me and picks up Karthik. Karthik takes a while to return to his normal self.

At times when I get to know that Raj is reaching the apartment, I take the kids out of the home to the corridor. As soon as the kids see Raj stepping out of the lift, they start shouting in joy. Karthik runs to his appa with open arms, while Vaibhav in my arms, beats his hands and legs excitedly and pushes in body towards Raj.

It takes about half an hour for kids to settle with their appa. All, that they try to say in their own sweet way is "We love you appa and we missed you."

Just back from office

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