Flower show - Lalbagh

Kavitha proposed the idea of meeting at Lalbagh at 4:30 pm on Sunday 9th Aug, to see the flower show. Of course, all of us agreed. It had been around 6 years or so since I went to the flower show and I was pretty excited to go.

Raj and I were late by 30 minutes while the rest of the team - Kavitha, Anitha, Joe, Pushpak, Suvarna were there on dot. We started off to the glass house where the flower show was hosted. It was crowded beyond our expectations.

Jostling as I entered the glass house, I spotted a cute pink teddy bear made with roses. The highlight of the show was - a mermaid, surrounded by four dolphins and four teddy bears. All of them were built with vibrant colored flowers - red, pink, purple and it looked awesome. The other highlight was the flowery dino with its baby.
Dolphins and Teddy in roses

Dino in flowers!

We went around looking at the remaining flowers, not all of them grabbed my attention. Quiet a few were the humble flowers from our gardens.
Colorful flowers

Colorful flowers!

The Dhalia, velvet flowers grabbed my attention. Raj was surprised at the Velvet flower (that is the way I call those flowers) it has the velvety feel; he couldn't believe how the flower felt. Done with the flower show we headed for the vegetable and herbal show. It was lovely to see the vegetables we consume on the plants :-).

Velvet flowers

Vegetables on Plants!!

It was 6:30 pm by the time we were done with shows and started going around the stalls. There were assortment of things on sale - flower pots, seeds, wood works, herbal medicine for cockroaches, bhel puri, gulkan, Eureka forbes, handicraft, purses, bindis so on. When we left Lalbagh it was 8:30 pm. It was just fun and refreshing.