Buy light colour dresses.

Today, I was browsing for some stiched salwar suits online. I opened a grey colour salwar suit and was looking at it. Karthik came by and told me, don't buy this it won't look good on you, you buy light colour dresses!! 

Scare Vaibhav??? I got to be kidding !!

When I want to bring some sanity with kids or get them eat, I generally scare them saying something is coming to get them. We have street hawkers on streets shouting for paper / fruits or flowers as they push their carts. So, when I hear them shout, I tell kids "that man, is coming for you, now behave". Most often it has worked and especially with Karthik.
Vaibhav was getting naughty, just to get him settle when I heard a street hawker I told Vaibhav that the man will come and take him away and he is calling for him. Immediatly Vaibhav rose from the floor, ran to the utility and shouted "nana karitha iidhiya, nana karkondu hogthiya, baa baa. Nanu ninage baaithini."[You are calling me, you are coming to take me? come .. come. I will scold you].

At night, if I would tell in a scared voice that cockroach is coming baby Vaibhav and Karthik would sleep off. Now, Vaibhav tells "Cockroach poochnthu"[Cockroach slept off]. And refuses to sleep.

Ooops!! what do I say?

Sometimes kids are really tough and amazing. Today Karthik and Vaibhav were fighting and Karthik began hitting Vaibhav, so I had to intervene and choosing the easier way to stop the fight I hit Karthik. He immediately asked me "Yaake nanage hodithiya? Sath hogla?"  [Why are you hitting me, shall I die? ]. I was taken aback and shocked, I just had no answer for him,this was the first time he said something like this,

Vaibhav play.. you are not in school yet.

Today I didn't send karthik to school since he has swollen eyes.
Vaibhav finished his breakfast and came to me asking for my phone. "Amma phone alli phonics song haaku"[Amma, put phonics song on the mobile.]. Karthik was sitting right there and having breakfast, he immediately told "Vaibhav, phonics nood beda, ninage school innu illa. Mobile alli games aadu."[Vaibhav, don't see phonics song since your school hasn't yet started, instead play games on the mobile].

Science Experiment for Karthik

This is my attempt to lay foundation for my kids in science, logical thinking and understanding of the environment.

I downloaded a "science experiments for kids" app on to my mobile.The experiments were simple and easy to understand. There was simple experiment where a lit candle is kept on the plate and water is poured around it and later a glass is covered over it. As the candle burns out the water level in the glass rises. This looked simple and I had all the material on hand, so I demoed it to Karthik.

Karthik kind of understood and kind of didn't understand, but I am sure there is something he has already learnt. :-).