Scare Vaibhav??? I got to be kidding !!

When I want to bring some sanity with kids or get them eat, I generally scare them saying something is coming to get them. We have street hawkers on streets shouting for paper / fruits or flowers as they push their carts. So, when I hear them shout, I tell kids "that man, is coming for you, now behave". Most often it has worked and especially with Karthik.
Vaibhav was getting naughty, just to get him settle when I heard a street hawker I told Vaibhav that the man will come and take him away and he is calling for him. Immediatly Vaibhav rose from the floor, ran to the utility and shouted "nana karitha iidhiya, nana karkondu hogthiya, baa baa. Nanu ninage baaithini."[You are calling me, you are coming to take me? come .. come. I will scold you].

At night, if I would tell in a scared voice that cockroach is coming baby Vaibhav and Karthik would sleep off. Now, Vaibhav tells "Cockroach poochnthu"[Cockroach slept off]. And refuses to sleep.

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