Vaibhav's latest game

Vaibhav picks all sorts of things and keeps stuffing into his father's pockets. This time he found a big shampoo bottle to stuff into his father's pockets.

Kids enjoying flinto

Flinto is an activity box for kids. This time one of activity was finger painting the animals. Since, there was lot of paint and lot of waste cardboard I made a jungle out of it. Kids enjoyed painting more.

I have kept it on floor

Vaibhav had a newly bought pen in his hand. He put it down to take up something else. I asked him "yaako pen na kelaage bisakidhiya" ( why have you thrown pen down). Immediately vaibhav made an angry face and replied "bisakilla.. iitidhini" (not thrown but kept).👌👌👌

Experiment with water

Today i was reaching boys concept of surface tension. Too much for them? Believe me, they love it and they do understand it to their best level.  They totally enjoy it.

Karthik and Subraction

I started teaching Karthik Subtraction. Yesterday was the fourth class of subtraction, and I was amazed that Karthik could do all the sums. To make it more interesting and give him more practise I found a game website which has games for subtraction. And Karthik did 20 sums all correct!!. Just wow!!. Well, I felt just proud and happy that I did a good job, happier than a personal achievement.
 But, I do know people around me will say, what is the hurry, why am I burning him out. But, they dont realise that, it is a two way process Karthik should be willing to learn and I should be ready to teach. Only when that happens, we can see results.

Karthik's drawing classes

I was able to start drawing classes in my apartment for Karthik's sake. It made me super happy.

Karthik loves drawing and he has been asking me for a drawing class for almost six months. No classes close by and I didn't want drive for this class too. I am already driving kids for shloka and dance classes, so driving again in this traffic and bad roads was not an option for me or them.

So, my only option was to start a drawing class in my apartment. Knowing my apartment folks attitude towards such extra classes and money, I knew it will be tough. I asked my apartment secretary if she will let me use the common puja room for classes. She agreed!  

Next task was to find a good drawing teacher. In Vaibhav's school there is a good drawing teacher, Soni but I didn't have her number. Called Leela the head of Vaibhav's school maybe about ten times before she gave me the number. I had by then googled and found some ten teachers and spoken to about five of them. No one was convincing. Glad that Soni got convinced agreed to come. Now I needed to get at least five kids. In a building of forty kids one might think it is easy. But it was hard. Most didn't care about drawing class, for some felt it expensive and for some time didn't work out. I just had four kids for the class. I went house to house asking if they will send their kids and believe me people gave pathetic response as if I had gone to ask donations. Finally I got five kids and drawing class started.  i

I was so so very very happy, my Karthik could go to drawing.

Fun doing it together.

It is so much fun to take my boys around on my bike to shloka classes or dance classes and participate with them. In shloka class I sing along with them, while riding back, we continue to sing together. Everyday night we recite all the sholkas and bhajans before going to sleep, that is amazing.
I go to dance class, it is great to see Karthik dance, I put the video back at home for them to practise while I either watch or dance along with them.

Karthik could read three letter words

I have been working with Karthik to read three letter words, since he has become conversant in phonics. Today was the best day since, I started this effort. he could read many three letter words and many he asked me to make for him. He could read bat / cat / rat / mat / sat / pat and fat. When I asked him what fat meant he said "appa is fat" and gestured the same :-). He then asked me to put letters for "Bun", which I did. To make it funny I then put "BuM". He laughed and laughed and laughed at the word. I then continued with can / fan / man / ran and so on. But he could read most of the three letter words. Good Going. 

Proud moments.

It was moment of joy and triumph when Vaibhav could recite all the shlokas he learnt at the shloka class, and when Karthik could dance wonderfully from day one in the dance class.
I have no words to describe but it was just an amazing feeling to see Karthik dance so well and enjoy it. Same, when Vaibhav recites the shlokas. It feels worth every hard work I have put in. It took me a year of googling to find a shloka class and a dance class for them. It is quiet a effort to drive them on roads with one feet deep potholes and heavy traffic, most often I am exhausted by the time I get home. But, when I see them enjoy and perform, it feels worth every effort. 

uuhhhh!! Well!!

During June 2015 I didnt send karthik to school for three days since he has swollen eyes.
Vaibhav finished his breakfast and came to me asking for my phone. "Amma phone alli phonics song haaku"[Amma, put phonics song on the mobile.]. Karthik was sitting there and having breakfast, he immediatly told "Vaibhav, phonics nood beda amma, ninage school innu illa. Mobile alli games aadu."[Vaibhav, don't see phonice song since your school hasn't yet started, instead play games on the mobile].

Fever!! Fever!!

Vaibhav suddenly went down with 104 fever one night at 10 pm. He just then lied down and started to shiver. I administred quickly a dose of Meftal (syrup for high fever) and started cold pack for his forehead. When, even after 30 minutes not a 0.1 of the fever reduced, I panicked a bit and ran down to meet the doctor who lives downstairs. She asked me to administer calpal (syrup for fever) too and wipe his body with cold towel and she told it would take about an hour before fever subsides. It was very tough to wipe him with cold towel, since he would feel really cold and he would cry out loud. But, I had no choice so I got my maid hold his hands while I wiped him. At about 11 pm his fever came down to 103, which itself was a big relief for me. At about 11:30 it came down to 100. At that time the doctor called me back to check. She then asked me to stop the cold bath and put him to sleep. She asked me to administer medicine again at 3 am. I waited till 12 am till his fever reached 99 and then put alarm for 3 am and went off to sleep.

The alarm rang at 3 am, I remember touching him to see if he had fever and then I have just fallen back to sleep. At 6 am, Vaibhav started to wriggle in the bed and it made me wake up to realise that he was again running 104. I rushed and administered medicine and began cold treatment again. This time he responded faster and his temperature came down soon.

This continued whole day and night since I was reluctant to administer antibiotics. But when same pattern of high fever I began antibiotics and it worked. It took three sleepless nights for me before he slept peacefully.

The night he slept peacefully, Karthik caught fever. Thankfully, his fever didn't shoot to 104 like Vaibhav's but it was around 101+. Still, administered syrup for high fever and put a cold kerchief on his forehead and stayed up till it was about 11:30 or so. Morning when I woke up he had fever again, so same process repeated and didn't send him to school. Didn't want to give him antibiotics immediately but till night, I saw the same pattern of fever of 100+.

Well, it has been one week since I slept. When I told my boys, looks like I am getting fever, they immediately got hold of the thermometer and a kerchief to start my treatment. :-) 

Buy light colour dresses.

Today, I was browsing for some stiched salwar suits online. I opened a grey colour salwar suit and was looking at it. Karthik came by and told me, don't buy this it won't look good on you, you buy light colour dresses!! 

Scare Vaibhav??? I got to be kidding !!

When I want to bring some sanity with kids or get them eat, I generally scare them saying something is coming to get them. We have street hawkers on streets shouting for paper / fruits or flowers as they push their carts. So, when I hear them shout, I tell kids "that man, is coming for you, now behave". Most often it has worked and especially with Karthik.
Vaibhav was getting naughty, just to get him settle when I heard a street hawker I told Vaibhav that the man will come and take him away and he is calling for him. Immediatly Vaibhav rose from the floor, ran to the utility and shouted "nana karitha iidhiya, nana karkondu hogthiya, baa baa. Nanu ninage baaithini."[You are calling me, you are coming to take me? come .. come. I will scold you].

At night, if I would tell in a scared voice that cockroach is coming baby Vaibhav and Karthik would sleep off. Now, Vaibhav tells "Cockroach poochnthu"[Cockroach slept off]. And refuses to sleep.

Ooops!! what do I say?

Sometimes kids are really tough and amazing. Today Karthik and Vaibhav were fighting and Karthik began hitting Vaibhav, so I had to intervene and choosing the easier way to stop the fight I hit Karthik. He immediately asked me "Yaake nanage hodithiya? Sath hogla?"  [Why are you hitting me, shall I die? ]. I was taken aback and shocked, I just had no answer for him,this was the first time he said something like this,

Vaibhav play.. you are not in school yet.

Today I didn't send karthik to school since he has swollen eyes.
Vaibhav finished his breakfast and came to me asking for my phone. "Amma phone alli phonics song haaku"[Amma, put phonics song on the mobile.]. Karthik was sitting right there and having breakfast, he immediately told "Vaibhav, phonics nood beda, ninage school innu illa. Mobile alli games aadu."[Vaibhav, don't see phonics song since your school hasn't yet started, instead play games on the mobile].

Science Experiment for Karthik

This is my attempt to lay foundation for my kids in science, logical thinking and understanding of the environment.

I downloaded a "science experiments for kids" app on to my mobile.The experiments were simple and easy to understand. There was simple experiment where a lit candle is kept on the plate and water is poured around it and later a glass is covered over it. As the candle burns out the water level in the glass rises. This looked simple and I had all the material on hand, so I demoed it to Karthik.

Karthik kind of understood and kind of didn't understand, but I am sure there is something he has already learnt. :-).

First Car wash!

Karthik and Vaibhav restless with routine toys and books. So, I asked them to water plants. they happily did that. Post that again they want to do something new. I asked them to take their Magic car to the bathroom and give it a wash. They were super excited. Hardly, listening boys keenly listened to all the instructions, took the car to the bathroom,  they demanded a soap to clean their car. They rubbed their car thoroughly and passionately, thoroughly enjoying it. Post that Karthik took a dry cloth and wiped it dry.

They kept talking to each other and it was a perfect teamwork!! It was fun to see them clean their car.

First science experiments for kids

I have  been thinking of doing simple science experiments for Karthik and Vaibhav. I googled but I didn't like any. Suddenly, it struck me that dissolving can be the first and eaiest experiment for them.
I gave both of them glass of water with spoon. I put one spoon of sugar and asked them to stir and showed how the quantity of sugar kept reducing and it disappear. Karthik was fascinated. I added more sugar to his glass and asked him to do it again. I asked both of them to taste the water and responded that it was sweet now. I explained that sugar dissolved and water became sweet.

I then gave another glass and added one spoon of salt for Karthik to stir. I got Karthik to taste the water. He then responded that it tasted sweet!!! :-).

I finally gave him tea powder and showed that it won't dissolve. But, Karthik insisted that if he stirs it more tea powder will dissolve. he did try for sometime finally he agreed that tea powder doesn't dissolve.

I then put a plastic paper into the cup and showed them that it floats while a small piece of supari sinks.

I really enjoyed doing this with them and so did they.

I plan to show them evaporation and condensation next.

Karthik and Priya to the Shop.

We came over to my mom's place for few days. Today morning my mother took Karthik, Vaibhav and Priyanka to the shop nearby to buy them goodies.

Just few seconds after they left, Priyanka came back crying loudly, with tears rolling down her cheeks and telling "Nanu hogodilla"[I won't go]. I asked her as to what happened.
She replied "Karthik nana kayee hidkontha illa"[Karthik is not holding my hand].
I suggested "Ninu, awa kayee itkondu hoogo"[Hold Grandm's hand].
She refused, saying "Beda, Karthik kayee itkol beeku" [No, Karthik has to hold my hand].

I leaned over the stairs and told Karthik to hold Priya's hand to the shop. Priya then gleemed with joy, wiped her tears and went down. Once, down Karthik again refused to hold her hand. Priya again came back crying loudly, that Karthik is not holding her hand and once, again I asked Karthik to hold Priya's hand. Priya went down and then Karthik came up saying that he doesn't want to hold Priya's hand so he won't go to the shop.

Finally, my mother tired with all this, said I will go to the shop, whoever wants to come can come else stay back. Immediately, Karthik went down, held Priya's hand and went to the shop!! 

Unforgettable gesture from Karthik and Vaibhav

Today was just one of bad days when my mood was low, I slept recollecting lot of past and went into self pity and began to cry and cry. Karthik and Vaibhav were sleeping next to me. Karthik saw me and asked as to why I was crying. Obviously, I gave some vague answer. Karthik then came close to me, put his hand around my neck and kissed me. He held me for a while. I wiped my tears and told him, thanks for being with me. But, I began weeping again. This time again Karthik came close to me, held me and kissed me again. He just kept himself close to me and his head close to me, while I kept weeping both in sadness and joy that Karthik is able to understand and offer comfort. He just kept himself close to me, without any movement for quiet some some time. Must be 5 - 10 minutes. I again thanked him and put him to sleep. But, my tears wouldn't stop. Karthik repeated the same. He took my hand and wiped off my tears. And then, he came very very close to me, put his hand around me and slept off.

Well, what I told is about Karthik. Now, Vaibhav. Vaibhav would sit on his knees and bring his face over mine to confirm if I am crying. He would ask, "Aaltha iidhiya"[Are you crying?]. Then will say "Aalbeda antha heelilla?" [I told you not to cry]. He then will say "Mukha oorsthini" [I will wipe your face] and with his little soft hands wipe off tears from both my eyes. He just would repeat this every time.

I was deeply thankful and grateful. Very hard to express what I felt. But, I do want to remember this gesture from Karthik and Vaibhav all my life.

Naughty Vaibhav.

Vaibhav is just turning out to be more naughty.

Raj showed a watch in the newspaper and asked Vaibhav "iidhu elli haakolodhu?"[Where do you wear this?]. Immediately without a second thought Vaibhav put his hand on his head and replied "Thale mele"[On the head].

We had been to zoo. There was a monkey (not sure of which type or kind) in a cage. I pointed the moneky to Vaibhav and asked him "Monkey yaar tharah iidhe?"[Whom does he monkey resemble]. He immedialty replied "Appa" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Vaibhav refused to change his stand on whom the monkey resembles.

I was at mom's house for summer vacation. Raj came there. Kids were super excited to see him after a week. Vaibhav clung to him like a monkey. Raj commented "Idhu Moneky tharah"[This ones is like a monkey]. God knows what Vaibhav understood. Instantly he replied to Raj "Nine Monkey, nine dumma monkey" [You are monkey, you are fat monkey].

Vaibhav's first english sentence

We were driving back home in car. Raj and his dad were sitting in the front seats. I asked Vaibhav "What is Thatha [grandpa] doing?". He immediately replied "Thatha doing, no driving".!! This was Vaibhav's first independent sentence and pretty impressive. 

Responsible Karthik

I was unwell. Karthik wanted to play cutting newspaper with scissors. He generally messes the entire hall with bits of newspaper and it is tiresome for me to clean it up. I told Karthik, "Baby, I am not well and I can't clean. If you will clean up the hall, then you go ahead and play.". Karthik agreed. I saw that he was cutting paper for quite sometime.  After a while when I went to the hall I saw it was clean. I realised that Karthik was picking and putting all the paper into the dustbin!!. Ooooooooooo my darling Karthik.!!

Karthik got so many stars

Karthik got 7 stars. It is the maximum till date. Feeling proud!!

Karthik's Journey at School - 1

Karthik joined Sishu Griha in June, 2014. He did take a while to settle but eventually settled with his aunty.
At school, they have started teaching him tracing numbers and alphabets.  So, my teaching him is getting streamlined and falling into a routine.

I procured sandpaper tracing numbers after some intense search in net. I sit with him everyday with the box of 10 numbers and coax him to trace. It is often met with resistance. I am more keen on pushing him to trace numbers everyday since I saw he wrote mirror numbers if asked to write. Just tracing didn't seem to work. So, I focused on just one number per day. So everyday trace two, write two and overwrite two. Today, he wrote two properly. I was soooooo happy. He wrote 2 properly about ten times and then wrote mirror again. I am happy that his mirror writing is temporary state and I realized we both have long journey of reading, writing and so on.

Brotherly care...

This is one amazing incident which happened sometime in August 2014.

Both Karthik and Vaibhav were still asleep in the morning and I was in the kitchen. I had cleared Vaibhav's feeding bottles from the bed and put them on the counter in the hall. Vaibhav woke up and began crying for milk. This woke up Karthik too. I hadn't heard Vaibhav's sound. Karthik came out, saw the feeding bottle on the counter, picked it up and gave it to Vaibhav. He then slept next to him comforting him while he had milk.

Vaibhav supporting his brother...

Today Karthik was taking the Magic car / Cart and hitting it on the walls, cupboards and bed. I told him many times not to do that. I finally lost patience and started scolding him. Vaibhav began to call me "Amma, illi noodu.. illi noodu..."[amma, see here ..]  he went on non-stop. He didn't stop till I looked at him and then saw what he was pointing at. He was pointing at blank wall. I asked "Eeen iidhe alli?" [what is there ?]. Vaibhav continued "Amma.. illi noodu.. illi noodu". I told Vaibhav "alli ennu illa..". Vaibhav continue "amma.. alli gode noodu"!!!!![amma see wall there]. I then realized he just wanted to take my attention away from Karthik. Wow!!

Karthik's Englishing..

Maid had buttoned Karthik till the neck. So, I unbuttoned Karthik's collar button, with the intent of making him feel more comfortable. He didn't like it, he immediately got angry and said "shall I tell appa". I innocently asked him, what will he tell appa...He replied in his broken english, "I will tell appa, that you are biching the cover" [Biching = removing. bich is remove in kannada, so he added "ing" to it.]

Police station

Karthik sometimes just surprises me with this answers.

Maid was feeding him. Since, he has this habit of keeping food in his mouth without chewing she kept on telling him, chew... chew... chew. At one point Karthik got fedup and angrily told her
"Ninu hinge maadre, police station ge kals  bidthini" [If you keep doing this, I will send you to police station].
My maid responded "Nanu, Alli hoogi nanu eenu maadli" [What should I do going to police station].
Karthik instantly replied "Nin eenu maad beda alli. Police ee ninage maadthare" [You don't do anything there Police will do to you].

I just couldn't hold myself back for more, I burst out laughing.

I continued, I asked Karthik, "Police een maadthare?" [What will police do?]
He responded "Police hodithare" [Police will beat].