Police station

Karthik sometimes just surprises me with this answers.

Maid was feeding him. Since, he has this habit of keeping food in his mouth without chewing she kept on telling him, chew... chew... chew. At one point Karthik got fedup and angrily told her
"Ninu hinge maadre, police station ge kals  bidthini" [If you keep doing this, I will send you to police station].
My maid responded "Nanu, Alli hoogi nanu eenu maadli" [What should I do going to police station].
Karthik instantly replied "Nin eenu maad beda alli. Police ee ninage maadthare" [You don't do anything there Police will do to you].

I just couldn't hold myself back for more, I burst out laughing.

I continued, I asked Karthik, "Police een maadthare?" [What will police do?]
He responded "Police hodithare" [Police will beat].

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