Vaibhav, Close your eyes and sleep

Vaibhav when doesnt fall asleep, I just say "kanna muchu [Close your eyes]" in a stern voice. Vaibhav immediatly covers his eyes with both his palms or quickly turns his face and closes his eyes. Belive me, it is just so cute to watch him do that.

Karthik's prized toy

Pradhan had come home over the weekend. He particularly liked the cart like toy which Karthik has and Karthik is damn possessive about it. Karthik being 3 and Pradhan being 7, Karthik was no match for him. How will Karthik protect his prized toy? When Pradhan wasn't watching, he drove the cart and parked it safely in a corner of the bathroom!

Boys having fun with water

Today I thought of letting both my boys play in water. So, I put some water into the bucket and put it out in the balcony.
One dropped a duck into it and other dropped jeep and bat into it. They enjoyed immensely, splashing water, stirring water, pouring water through the duck and jeep.
It was so joyful to watch them enjoy playing.