News-Dhaka grabs land / Call center staff murder?

It was a shocking headline, in the newspaper today morning “Call centre staff murdered, body thrown on highway". Tanya Banerjee, an employee with Aviva 24/7 Customer Service call centre in Whitefield, Bangalore was found murdered. In Prathiba’s case, the driver who was ferrying her from home to office murdered her, I assumed the same would be in Tanya’s case. As, I continued reading the repot, I found it was not the case.

It is sad to see the increasing crime rate in Bangalore. It is sad to see a young girl killed. We need to fight crime.

It is sadder to see the coverage Media is giving for this incident and not for Dhaka's Land Grabbing.
Everyday many gruesome murders are reported in the third page of Deccan Herald. Since, Tanya was an employee of call center; the incident makes it to the front page. She was neither in the company's car nor in the office nor was her body found in the office but at Sakleshpur near Hassan on the Bangalore-Mangalore highway; then why the headlines “Call center staff murdered”? If a worker from any mill would have been murdered in a similar fashion, would the headlines be “Mill staff murdered”?

If the headline of the news reads "Call centre staff murdered" it will definitely increase the readership and viewer ship of the newspapers and news channels. The channels will now ask the viewers to SMS their opinions. In turn the channels they would partner with the mobile service providers, to get a share in the income they would earn form the SMS.

As I went through www saw, Dhaka grabs 2 sq km of India's land. Read it here. Why does it not make it to the headlines? Because Politicians cannot answer this ? or Media won't get the same income ? or what else ?

Do all of us feel this? Or is it just a few of us?


Death is not the End ???????

A feeling of sadness, mystery and fear of the unknown clouded my mind as I boarded the train from Raichur back to Bangalore. My uncle had passed away on Sunday in Raichur.

The unknown I feared is not the death; I know I am going to die someday, but what's after death.My uncle knew 20 days ahead that he was dieing!!!!!!

He was a victim of wrong diagnosis, and was suffering from past 7 months.
July first week, my uncle told the family “I got the “Ticket”!!!! But, since there is not place above, ticket is not "Confirmed" . He repeatedly told this to all “"I got the ticket. But not confirmed. I will not be troubling you all anymore", but it was brushed aside. Either way, what could anyone do to get his "Ticket Cancelled"?

Couple of days before his death he call his wife and told "No one will be around when I go." and went to explain about all the last rites to be performed.

On July 18 /19, my uncle called his children and told them that "Ticket” is confirmed for Sunday 6 pm. He told them that he will be going with his brother Vishwa. On the fateful day Sunday 23rd July, he asked aunty (his wife) for lot of juice. He told her "I have to take on a long journey; I need lot of juice; get me tender coconut, lemon juice, butter milk". He had a lot of them. He requested for more food, saying “Need to go on journey, I need food, give me curd rice and dal".

At around 4 pm, another aunt of mine visited him. She got ready to leave at 5:30 pm. She went to my uncle and said "I will be leaving, will come back". Uncle replied, "I am leaving too". At 6 pm he passed away. On 23rd most of his relatives were not in Raichur, except for 4 people and his corpse had to be kept till the next day. 23rd July was the death anniversary of his brother Vishwa.

Uncle knew when he would die? What would happen on that day? He knew he had to embark on a long journey?

Death is not the End, Beginning of another Journey!!

Have you seen such things? Let us know....

Prince - Flew 57 Feet Above Earth !!

Most of you might not agree with my views. I was pretty irritated with how this event was hyped up.

I do understand that Prince is a little kid, and to survive in the pit for more than 2 days is not a joke.

Why was this made a national issue ? Why was this being telecasted LIVE in almost all the news channels ?
Why was this issue being escalated all the level up to the Prime Minister ? Prime Minister reacts and sends blessing down.

I would have appreciated if PM took more strong steps to control terrorism. People in Mumbai say that nothing great has been done out there.
Tomorrow there could be another series of bomb blasts. What will India do ? Talk about "SPIRIT OF MUMBAI" ?

Was all this to distract public from the Bombay blast issue ? To invoke a feeling of oneness amongst the people in India ?

I was amused to see Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, his cabinet colleagues and Kurukshetra MP Naveen Jindal there.
Was his personal presence needed there ? Do the downtrodden in Kurukshetra get this attention ? Was the CM jobless on a Sunday evening ?

Why is the boy being rewarded Rs 200,000 ? Because he flew 57 feet above the earth and That is NATIONAL NEWS !!

Aura ??? Can I feel it?

Do we really have Aura around our body? You must be kidding? This would be the reaction from most of us. I had a practical experience of the same; I could feel the energy around me. Unbelievable isn't it?

Do you want to feel it ?!!!! You can try this too:

1. Rub both your palms till it is warm.
2. Press your right thumb in center of the left palm and rub it in clockwise direction, 10 times.
3. Press your left thumb in center of the right palm and rub it in clockwise direction, around 10 times
4. Press the tips of all your fingers.
5. Concentrate on the center of the palms and slowly bring both the palms together, until they are about 2 inches to 1 inch away.
6. Depending on your energy type, you feel repulsion / attraction / heat. Most often people feel the repulsion.

Can you feel it???? If not you can redo it a couple of times. You would be awed to feel the energy flowing.

We all have this energy flowing around us. We can tap this energy, channelise it and use it to heal us.

What did you feel? Lets us know and take it foward.

More To Come :
What's Aura?
Why did we feel the energy in between our palms?
How does it affect us?
How to use it?
and much more .....