Prince - Flew 57 Feet Above Earth !!

Most of you might not agree with my views. I was pretty irritated with how this event was hyped up.

I do understand that Prince is a little kid, and to survive in the pit for more than 2 days is not a joke.

Why was this made a national issue ? Why was this being telecasted LIVE in almost all the news channels ?
Why was this issue being escalated all the level up to the Prime Minister ? Prime Minister reacts and sends blessing down.

I would have appreciated if PM took more strong steps to control terrorism. People in Mumbai say that nothing great has been done out there.
Tomorrow there could be another series of bomb blasts. What will India do ? Talk about "SPIRIT OF MUMBAI" ?

Was all this to distract public from the Bombay blast issue ? To invoke a feeling of oneness amongst the people in India ?

I was amused to see Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, his cabinet colleagues and Kurukshetra MP Naveen Jindal there.
Was his personal presence needed there ? Do the downtrodden in Kurukshetra get this attention ? Was the CM jobless on a Sunday evening ?

Why is the boy being rewarded Rs 200,000 ? Because he flew 57 feet above the earth and That is NATIONAL NEWS !!

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navin harish said...

As far as my opinion is concerned, all the news channels were trying to cash in on the plight of a poor boy. Their concern was not his wellbeing but TRP. Read my views here