Aura ??? Can I feel it?

Do we really have Aura around our body? You must be kidding? This would be the reaction from most of us. I had a practical experience of the same; I could feel the energy around me. Unbelievable isn't it?

Do you want to feel it ?!!!! You can try this too:

1. Rub both your palms till it is warm.
2. Press your right thumb in center of the left palm and rub it in clockwise direction, 10 times.
3. Press your left thumb in center of the right palm and rub it in clockwise direction, around 10 times
4. Press the tips of all your fingers.
5. Concentrate on the center of the palms and slowly bring both the palms together, until they are about 2 inches to 1 inch away.
6. Depending on your energy type, you feel repulsion / attraction / heat. Most often people feel the repulsion.

Can you feel it???? If not you can redo it a couple of times. You would be awed to feel the energy flowing.

We all have this energy flowing around us. We can tap this energy, channelise it and use it to heal us.

What did you feel? Lets us know and take it foward.

More To Come :
What's Aura?
Why did we feel the energy in between our palms?
How does it affect us?
How to use it?
and much more .....

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Anonymous said...

Nice .....

Everyone has an Aura just need to realise and feel it.