First Car wash!

Karthik and Vaibhav restless with routine toys and books. So, I asked them to water plants. they happily did that. Post that again they want to do something new. I asked them to take their Magic car to the bathroom and give it a wash. They were super excited. Hardly, listening boys keenly listened to all the instructions, took the car to the bathroom,  they demanded a soap to clean their car. They rubbed their car thoroughly and passionately, thoroughly enjoying it. Post that Karthik took a dry cloth and wiped it dry.

They kept talking to each other and it was a perfect teamwork!! It was fun to see them clean their car.

First science experiments for kids

I have  been thinking of doing simple science experiments for Karthik and Vaibhav. I googled but I didn't like any. Suddenly, it struck me that dissolving can be the first and eaiest experiment for them.
I gave both of them glass of water with spoon. I put one spoon of sugar and asked them to stir and showed how the quantity of sugar kept reducing and it disappear. Karthik was fascinated. I added more sugar to his glass and asked him to do it again. I asked both of them to taste the water and responded that it was sweet now. I explained that sugar dissolved and water became sweet.

I then gave another glass and added one spoon of salt for Karthik to stir. I got Karthik to taste the water. He then responded that it tasted sweet!!! :-).

I finally gave him tea powder and showed that it won't dissolve. But, Karthik insisted that if he stirs it more tea powder will dissolve. he did try for sometime finally he agreed that tea powder doesn't dissolve.

I then put a plastic paper into the cup and showed them that it floats while a small piece of supari sinks.

I really enjoyed doing this with them and so did they.

I plan to show them evaporation and condensation next.

Karthik and Priya to the Shop.

We came over to my mom's place for few days. Today morning my mother took Karthik, Vaibhav and Priyanka to the shop nearby to buy them goodies.

Just few seconds after they left, Priyanka came back crying loudly, with tears rolling down her cheeks and telling "Nanu hogodilla"[I won't go]. I asked her as to what happened.
She replied "Karthik nana kayee hidkontha illa"[Karthik is not holding my hand].
I suggested "Ninu, awa kayee itkondu hoogo"[Hold Grandm's hand].
She refused, saying "Beda, Karthik kayee itkol beeku" [No, Karthik has to hold my hand].

I leaned over the stairs and told Karthik to hold Priya's hand to the shop. Priya then gleemed with joy, wiped her tears and went down. Once, down Karthik again refused to hold her hand. Priya again came back crying loudly, that Karthik is not holding her hand and once, again I asked Karthik to hold Priya's hand. Priya went down and then Karthik came up saying that he doesn't want to hold Priya's hand so he won't go to the shop.

Finally, my mother tired with all this, said I will go to the shop, whoever wants to come can come else stay back. Immediately, Karthik went down, held Priya's hand and went to the shop!! 

Unforgettable gesture from Karthik and Vaibhav

Today was just one of bad days when my mood was low, I slept recollecting lot of past and went into self pity and began to cry and cry. Karthik and Vaibhav were sleeping next to me. Karthik saw me and asked as to why I was crying. Obviously, I gave some vague answer. Karthik then came close to me, put his hand around my neck and kissed me. He held me for a while. I wiped my tears and told him, thanks for being with me. But, I began weeping again. This time again Karthik came close to me, held me and kissed me again. He just kept himself close to me and his head close to me, while I kept weeping both in sadness and joy that Karthik is able to understand and offer comfort. He just kept himself close to me, without any movement for quiet some some time. Must be 5 - 10 minutes. I again thanked him and put him to sleep. But, my tears wouldn't stop. Karthik repeated the same. He took my hand and wiped off my tears. And then, he came very very close to me, put his hand around me and slept off.

Well, what I told is about Karthik. Now, Vaibhav. Vaibhav would sit on his knees and bring his face over mine to confirm if I am crying. He would ask, "Aaltha iidhiya"[Are you crying?]. Then will say "Aalbeda antha heelilla?" [I told you not to cry]. He then will say "Mukha oorsthini" [I will wipe your face] and with his little soft hands wipe off tears from both my eyes. He just would repeat this every time.

I was deeply thankful and grateful. Very hard to express what I felt. But, I do want to remember this gesture from Karthik and Vaibhav all my life.

Naughty Vaibhav.

Vaibhav is just turning out to be more naughty.

Raj showed a watch in the newspaper and asked Vaibhav "iidhu elli haakolodhu?"[Where do you wear this?]. Immediately without a second thought Vaibhav put his hand on his head and replied "Thale mele"[On the head].

We had been to zoo. There was a monkey (not sure of which type or kind) in a cage. I pointed the moneky to Vaibhav and asked him "Monkey yaar tharah iidhe?"[Whom does he monkey resemble]. He immedialty replied "Appa" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Vaibhav refused to change his stand on whom the monkey resembles.

I was at mom's house for summer vacation. Raj came there. Kids were super excited to see him after a week. Vaibhav clung to him like a monkey. Raj commented "Idhu Moneky tharah"[This ones is like a monkey]. God knows what Vaibhav understood. Instantly he replied to Raj "Nine Monkey, nine dumma monkey" [You are monkey, you are fat monkey].