Naughty Vaibhav.

Vaibhav is just turning out to be more naughty.

Raj showed a watch in the newspaper and asked Vaibhav "iidhu elli haakolodhu?"[Where do you wear this?]. Immediately without a second thought Vaibhav put his hand on his head and replied "Thale mele"[On the head].

We had been to zoo. There was a monkey (not sure of which type or kind) in a cage. I pointed the moneky to Vaibhav and asked him "Monkey yaar tharah iidhe?"[Whom does he monkey resemble]. He immedialty replied "Appa" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Vaibhav refused to change his stand on whom the monkey resembles.

I was at mom's house for summer vacation. Raj came there. Kids were super excited to see him after a week. Vaibhav clung to him like a monkey. Raj commented "Idhu Moneky tharah"[This ones is like a monkey]. God knows what Vaibhav understood. Instantly he replied to Raj "Nine Monkey, nine dumma monkey" [You are monkey, you are fat monkey].

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