Karthik and Priya to the Shop.

We came over to my mom's place for few days. Today morning my mother took Karthik, Vaibhav and Priyanka to the shop nearby to buy them goodies.

Just few seconds after they left, Priyanka came back crying loudly, with tears rolling down her cheeks and telling "Nanu hogodilla"[I won't go]. I asked her as to what happened.
She replied "Karthik nana kayee hidkontha illa"[Karthik is not holding my hand].
I suggested "Ninu, awa kayee itkondu hoogo"[Hold Grandm's hand].
She refused, saying "Beda, Karthik kayee itkol beeku" [No, Karthik has to hold my hand].

I leaned over the stairs and told Karthik to hold Priya's hand to the shop. Priya then gleemed with joy, wiped her tears and went down. Once, down Karthik again refused to hold her hand. Priya again came back crying loudly, that Karthik is not holding her hand and once, again I asked Karthik to hold Priya's hand. Priya went down and then Karthik came up saying that he doesn't want to hold Priya's hand so he won't go to the shop.

Finally, my mother tired with all this, said I will go to the shop, whoever wants to come can come else stay back. Immediately, Karthik went down, held Priya's hand and went to the shop!! 

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