First science experiments for kids

I have  been thinking of doing simple science experiments for Karthik and Vaibhav. I googled but I didn't like any. Suddenly, it struck me that dissolving can be the first and eaiest experiment for them.
I gave both of them glass of water with spoon. I put one spoon of sugar and asked them to stir and showed how the quantity of sugar kept reducing and it disappear. Karthik was fascinated. I added more sugar to his glass and asked him to do it again. I asked both of them to taste the water and responded that it was sweet now. I explained that sugar dissolved and water became sweet.

I then gave another glass and added one spoon of salt for Karthik to stir. I got Karthik to taste the water. He then responded that it tasted sweet!!! :-).

I finally gave him tea powder and showed that it won't dissolve. But, Karthik insisted that if he stirs it more tea powder will dissolve. he did try for sometime finally he agreed that tea powder doesn't dissolve.

I then put a plastic paper into the cup and showed them that it floats while a small piece of supari sinks.

I really enjoyed doing this with them and so did they.

I plan to show them evaporation and condensation next.

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