Living Raaga in Deccan Chronicle

Living Raaga got covered in Deccan Chronicle. Hoping to see more responses for this project.

Genesis of Living Raaga

For years, it kept running in my mind to do something, something philanthropic, and something that will add value to others and me. It ranged from building an orphanage to a temple. Finally, it struck me that I could teach art and crafts to women who can't make a decent living. They can use this skill to earn few extra rupees and also it can be their hobby.

The NGO will be a group of like minded people who will go and teach these arts and crafts to women. Then market their products under our brand name. The profit that gets generated can be re-used by the women to buy more raw materials.

I started this project at Abhala ashram.

Glass painting - Birds

I found some bird’s glass painting design on the net. Downloaded them and made small coasters. Now that they are made, I am planning to make them a wall hanger :-). What say?

Punched flowers

Punching is very intresting. I bought few flower punches and colour papers. I punched different colours randomly and stuck them up together. I put a quilled round in the center of the greeting card and then stuck the punched flowers all over. The card looks cute. :-)

Quilled - Photo frame

This is my post on quilling. I made a quilled photo frame. I made some cut flowers and stuck it on the frame. The leaves are punched. The combination of quilling and punching looks pretty.

Origami - Lotus

This is my first hand at Origami. I used crape and duplex paper to make these wonderful lotuses.

I learnt it from this link Origami - Lotus.

Glass Painting - Ganesha

I got a pretty Ganesha design on the net. Downloaded that and made a glass painting.
I used black and gold liner to create the outlines. I decided to keep the painting simple and not to make it complicated. I started wondering how to make the palm look lighter colour. I put 2 drops of the sunflower yellow and then added 2 drops of the glass paint thinner. I got the effect I was looking for. :-)

If you want this design you can download it from here. Print the image with the options - A4 setting  and fit to page. So the image you will get as A4 size.