Fever!! Fever!!

Vaibhav suddenly went down with 104 fever one night at 10 pm. He just then lied down and started to shiver. I administred quickly a dose of Meftal (syrup for high fever) and started cold pack for his forehead. When, even after 30 minutes not a 0.1 of the fever reduced, I panicked a bit and ran down to meet the doctor who lives downstairs. She asked me to administer calpal (syrup for fever) too and wipe his body with cold towel and she told it would take about an hour before fever subsides. It was very tough to wipe him with cold towel, since he would feel really cold and he would cry out loud. But, I had no choice so I got my maid hold his hands while I wiped him. At about 11 pm his fever came down to 103, which itself was a big relief for me. At about 11:30 it came down to 100. At that time the doctor called me back to check. She then asked me to stop the cold bath and put him to sleep. She asked me to administer medicine again at 3 am. I waited till 12 am till his fever reached 99 and then put alarm for 3 am and went off to sleep.

The alarm rang at 3 am, I remember touching him to see if he had fever and then I have just fallen back to sleep. At 6 am, Vaibhav started to wriggle in the bed and it made me wake up to realise that he was again running 104. I rushed and administered medicine and began cold treatment again. This time he responded faster and his temperature came down soon.

This continued whole day and night since I was reluctant to administer antibiotics. But when same pattern of high fever I began antibiotics and it worked. It took three sleepless nights for me before he slept peacefully.

The night he slept peacefully, Karthik caught fever. Thankfully, his fever didn't shoot to 104 like Vaibhav's but it was around 101+. Still, administered syrup for high fever and put a cold kerchief on his forehead and stayed up till it was about 11:30 or so. Morning when I woke up he had fever again, so same process repeated and didn't send him to school. Didn't want to give him antibiotics immediately but till night, I saw the same pattern of fever of 100+.

Well, it has been one week since I slept. When I told my boys, looks like I am getting fever, they immediately got hold of the thermometer and a kerchief to start my treatment. :-) 

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