Karthik's drawing classes

I was able to start drawing classes in my apartment for Karthik's sake. It made me super happy.

Karthik loves drawing and he has been asking me for a drawing class for almost six months. No classes close by and I didn't want drive for this class too. I am already driving kids for shloka and dance classes, so driving again in this traffic and bad roads was not an option for me or them.

So, my only option was to start a drawing class in my apartment. Knowing my apartment folks attitude towards such extra classes and money, I knew it will be tough. I asked my apartment secretary if she will let me use the common puja room for classes. She agreed!  

Next task was to find a good drawing teacher. In Vaibhav's school there is a good drawing teacher, Soni but I didn't have her number. Called Leela the head of Vaibhav's school maybe about ten times before she gave me the number. I had by then googled and found some ten teachers and spoken to about five of them. No one was convincing. Glad that Soni got convinced agreed to come. Now I needed to get at least five kids. In a building of forty kids one might think it is easy. But it was hard. Most didn't care about drawing class, for some felt it expensive and for some time didn't work out. I just had four kids for the class. I went house to house asking if they will send their kids and believe me people gave pathetic response as if I had gone to ask donations. Finally I got five kids and drawing class started.  i

I was so so very very happy, my Karthik could go to drawing.

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