Karthik's Journey at School - 1

Karthik joined Sishu Griha in June, 2014. He did take a while to settle but eventually settled with his aunty.
At school, they have started teaching him tracing numbers and alphabets.  So, my teaching him is getting streamlined and falling into a routine.

I procured sandpaper tracing numbers after some intense search in net. I sit with him everyday with the box of 10 numbers and coax him to trace. It is often met with resistance. I am more keen on pushing him to trace numbers everyday since I saw he wrote mirror numbers if asked to write. Just tracing didn't seem to work. So, I focused on just one number per day. So everyday trace two, write two and overwrite two. Today, he wrote two properly. I was soooooo happy. He wrote 2 properly about ten times and then wrote mirror again. I am happy that his mirror writing is temporary state and I realized we both have long journey of reading, writing and so on.

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