I hate Taxi Drivers

I always dreaded the buses and the auto drivers. They drove mercilessly on the roads. Now, the buses and the auto drivers seem to me as souls from heaven, as my encounters with the Taxi drivers have increased.

Taxi drivers come with divine powers; I could never do what they do. They drive at 120 km/hr when the speed limit is 30 km/hr; they overtake anyone from left or right, with least bit of noise; they take a sharp turn to the right of the road, from the leftmost end, with least bit of indication to the other vehicles; when there is a traffic jam, they blare their horns for way; they enter one ways and cause a traffic jam and argue that they are right; they stop their vehicles right in the center of the road, for people to alight, mind you they don’t signal that they r stopping.

Today morning, there was a traffic jam in the ring road, all the vehicles are going in the straight line, a taxi driver just takes a right turn to squeeze into little space, and go a few millimeters ahead. In this process he hits another car (not a taxi), which was coming straight. And it is not the Taxi driver's problem, the driver of the other car was coming straight!!!

There is a banner behind almost every taxi which says:
"In case of rash driving, call: 12345566". If some good citizens like me, call the number, we get a rude reply "With the traffic in Bangalore, they are driving the best." and they slam the receiver of the telephone.


Casy said...

Like you said, they are souls from heaven who help the other souls to depart to heaven! Don't you think they are serving our society by reducing the population?
Sarcasm apart, I think we need to make a COMBINED effort to drive some driving sense into them. The next time you spot a reckless driver, stop him and demand his driving license and threaten to report him to the cops.May be that will help. Note down the vehicle number, time at which he was spotted driving recklessly, the area/road where you spotted him etc.

Hardu said...

Did they really slam down the phone on you??

Bangalore traffic is really really bad now. :(

Gattina said...

He he ! Makes me think of the taxi drivers in Egypt at Sharm el Sheik before sitting in the car you should make your testament and then better close your eyes. But surprisingly they took us everywhere without any accidents !

PizzaDude said...

Oh My God!! How rude!!!
I too have had some bad encounters with these guys!!

shark said...

Did they actually slam the phone?
I have complained about faulty auto meters a lot of times.. I am not sure what was the action taken, but atleast they were very nice over the phone while taking the complaint.

On the other hand, maybe the other guy (on the phone) was equally frustrated receiving so many complaints, and he took it out on you!!!

Vin said...

yep.. they did slam the phone..
Casy : I wud love to join any effort to make driving safe... but stoppign these drivers and talking, i m not sure.. they r very rude and look dangerous too..

shark: u might be right.. they might have got frustrated with the calls...