Easy Cure For Typhoid

What made me search for a treatment for typoid?

My maid was down with it and had to shell out of lot of money for the treatment, Money part aside, she would take at least 2 months to recover. So, wondered if there are alternate ways to treat typhoid. I dug into the net.

Now, why did I dig? People take weeks to recover from Jaundice. My Dad treats people for jaundice, and they are back to their normal life and re-start work by the fourth day. He uses a combination of herbs, which tastes very very bitter.

So thought, there should be such medicines for Typhoid too. This is what I found.
Aloe-Vera and pure honey can be used to prevent and cure typhoid fever. Pure honey, Aloe-Vera and the white part of egg should be properly mixed together, this mixture is even more effective than many antibiotics popularly used for anti-typhoid orthodox drugs. This herbal remedy very effective, if only the white part of the egg from a local chicken is used, for preparing the anti-typhoid and paratyphoid medicine.

Well, the above remedy is not tried and tested by me, but though it can always be of help.



Casy said...

what is it with you and egg and chicken :)??? Well... if I don't find a "local" chicken will the one from neighboring state do :))???

pavan kumar said...

wow! but aajkal people are more skeptical about using traditional methods of medicine.. though could be more effective..

shark said...

To some extent I have to agree with Pavan here.. use of traditional methods though very effective if taken properly can prove very dangerous if proper care is not taken.
I would anyday trust a doctor.. after all he is certified to treat :)

Vin said...

Casy: yes u can take any chicken local to that place... :-p

Pavan / Shark: true.. our old rememdies wud be effective always. We shud try them.

Narender rawal said...

Nice tip ...
But i m a veg :(

Any suggestions ...