This is my amma's !

Today, my nanny held my duppatta and was folding it. She then showed it to Vaibhav and said "Idhu Nandhu [This is mine]". Surprisingly, Vaibhav show the duppatta and started saying "Amma, Amma" and pulled the duppatta from the nanny's hand and handed it over to me promptly. It was just too cute and awesome to watch Vaibhav do it. Since, I couldn't capture this at first shot, I made nanny enact this again and captured it. Though, it wasn't as classy and original when Vaibhav did it first time, I still wanted to keep it for my memories.

Nanny did the same for Karthik. She held my duppatta and told him that it is hers. He fought fiercely with her, tugging the duppata on one end till she let it go. I couldn't record this incident though.

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