I am there for you brother!

Vaibhav's favourite sport is to spill water all over the place.
Today, Vaibhav got some water in a cup and began playing on the sofa. I knew, he will very soon empty all the water on to the sofa. I kept telling him not to spill water on the sofa, and as one can guess he did spill all of it on sofa. So, I feigned anger and told Vaibhav in stern voice not to spill water on the sofa again. Vaibhav started smiling, to make me smile and divert all my attention from the water he had spilt. I managed to keep my focus and continued to instruct him, and told him to play on floor with water and not on the sofa. But, he was determined not to listen to me and I gave up,  it ended at that.

Now, Karthik had been watching all this, he came up to me with a stern face and asked "Will you scold Vaibhav again???". I managed to hide my laughter and told Karthik, "I will scold him if he continues to spill water on the sofa." Karthik continued with a sterner face and voice "Will you scold Vaibhav?". I repeated my answer. Karthik left and went to Vaibhav, so i assumed he will go and tell Vaibhav not to spill water on sofa. Instead, he went to Vaibhav and told him "Vaibhav, Nannu iidhini ninage" [I am there for you Vaibhav] !!!!!!

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