First Observation day for Karthik

I had been to Karthik's school for Observation. This concept I had heard for first time in my life time, where parents are allowed to go and sit in the child's class and watch him.

I was pretty excited about watching Karthik in his class, so I landed up 30 minutes before the scheduled time. While I was entering Karthik's class, Karthik was busy wearing his slippers to go to the restroom. He looked pretty confused about my presence. His class teacher Jayshree got me seated in a corner, so that i I don't distrub rest of the class.

Karthik looked pretty confused with my presence in his class. Jayshree asked him to bring shapes board and work on it. He did get the shapes board, but he sat in front of me without doing a thing with it. Jayshree then asked him to bring number rods. He had to bring 10 number rods one at a time. Karthik took ages to bring each rod, he would walk very slowly to the shelf pick it up slowly and bring it back much more slowly. Finally, he sat with his madam and did the numbers. It was impressive the way numbers are taught.

Karthik then did some cylinder shapes, build pink pyramid, worked on length rods, colour arranging, chapatis and spooning.

I was impressed with the montessori method of teaching. The way kids are taught to bring their things without hitting other kids, way kids arrange their work and place their things back. When I entered the class, it didn't look like anyone can learn anything in that chaos. But at end of 2 hours, Karthik had completed 7 works. There were kids who completed 10 works. What a way to learn while the kids play!!

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