Few things about Karthik

Well, I dunno if it is all kids or it is just Karthik. But somethings I would want to remember for ever.

Dussehera vacations were starting. His class teacher called me for his review. When I reached his class, his Akka told me that Karthik had told something about me to his class teacher. During the discussion, his class teacher didn't mention anything about Karthik's comments. Curiosity got the best out of me, and I asked her about it. She immediatly started laughing, while I gaped at her. She told me that, previous day, Karthik told her that "Tomorrow my mother will come for review, tell her that I am a Good Boy!".
I was just amazed. He knew why I would go to school, what his teacher would tell me, he could figure out the consequences of bad review and finally he knew "Review Fixing!!!".....

Raj, comes home every weekend. But, this Saturday he wasn't coming since he hadn't got any rest since 2 months and he was travelling all the while. I told Karthik, "Naale appa barodilla"[Tomm, appa won't be coming]. He asked "Yaake"[Why]. I responded "Appa ge sustu aag iidhe. Train alli, bus alli oodaadi oodaadi. Adike rest maadthare."[Appa is tried since has been travelling by car and bus, and he needs rest].
He thought for a second, and replied "Hagaadhre, nawu hoogi car alli office indha karkondu barona?"[Then, shall we go and bring appa by car?]

Vaibhav and Karthik love chalks. They not only draw all over the house but even eat it up! So, I hid all chalks and told them that there are no more chalks at home. So, Mr. Karthik, went to Deepa's house my neighbour's house and told "No chalk piece at home, amma has asked you for chalk piece"!! Deepa handed him a chalk. I was surprised that Karthik and Vaibhav had chalks again. When, I asked him, he told that Deepa aunty gave. Deepa later told how Karthik had gone and asked her for chalks. 

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