Vaibhav Vaibhav!

I am totally lost for words for what Vaibhav did today.

Vaibhav started at Euro kids on 27th Oct 2014. He has been crying consistently at school. Upon advice from Deepa, my neighbour, who had formerly faced this situation. I began to talk to Vaibhav, why he needs to go to school, how he will become a big and good boy so on. I also added that, I will send him to school irrespective he cries or not, so rather he go happily and enjoy at school. Vaibhav understood this and he totally stopped crying.
But, he didn't want to go to school, so today when I was about to take him to school he made a face and said "Kaka banthu.. Kaka banthu"[Potty came]. I got a bit suspicious and asked him "Ninwagalu??"[Really]. He just kept repeating, but nothing happened. He was just faking it so that he doesn't have to go to school!!. Amazed that he could think and make up this reason to avoid school.

Another day, he came to me saying he wants to sleep. He slept on my lap and pretended to close his eyes, to avoid school !!

Couple of days ago, I got crayons for Karthik and instructed him to draw on paper and not walls or television etc. But Karthik, wouldn't listen and began drawing all over the showcase, so I went up to him and told him in a higher pitch voice "Didn't I ask you not to draw here.". Immediately, Vaibhav came running behind me and said "No, no, no" and began wiping Karthik's drawings with his little hands. :-)

Today, I went to pick Vaibhav from school. His co-ordinator cum teacher told that he is settling, and he is "Very Intelligent". I suddenly felt deep sense of pride and happieness beyond words. Not sure because it was totally unexpected or an emotion all mothers feel.

Vaibhav had been asking for Jamoon from last 2 weeks or so. Unexpectedly, milk broke and we make Rasgulla out of it. Like Jamoon, rasgullas were round too, but were white unlike Jamoon that are brown. When Vaibhav asked for Jamoon I gave him Rasgulla and told him those were Jamoons. Immediately, the smartie said "Brown Jammon beeku" [I want brown jamoons]. ROFL. Well!! I had thought I was smart, till then.

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