There were times, when .............................

There were times, when I hated if i was touched me during my sleep. Now, I have two kick boxers sleeping on my either side. Sometimes, they put their entire legs on me, sometimes their hands and sometimes they just wake up and  put their head on my tummy assuming it is a pillow and drift off to sleep. Well, I neither mind it nor it distrubs my sleep. I like it all the time and  most times I find it amusing.

There were times, when I would snigger at smell of a baby's potty. Now, I peep into their diapers to check if they are all clear !!. I not only clean potty from them but many times from the floor, bed spreads and my dresses too. Ofcourse!! I reuse my dresses.

There were times, when going out to mall or friend's house for couple of hours meant, wearing good clothes and just leaving home. Now, going out means feeding the kids well, getting them dressed and packing - milk, biscuits, diapers, wipes, old newspaper and extra pair of kids clothes (just incase, you know!)

There were times, when going to a mall meant - shopping, movies (many times back to back) and dinner. Now, going to a mall means - kids play zone, toy shop, kid trains, doughnuts and defiantly no dinners.

There were times, when I would come from the mall, and just head to bed, well!!! I use to be so very tired, or atleast I thought so. Now, I just head to the kitchen, wash my hands, put something to cook / warm for the kids, change the kids and then I freshen up.

There were times, when I would puke if I even imagined someone puking or saw someone puking. Now, I have my little one puking all over me almost every other day and it doesn't matter to me.

There were times, when I never thought people appreciating me would give joy. Now, a word of appreciation for my little ones from anybody seems to be the most happiest and most fulfilling thing to ever hear.

There were times, when I refused to take off my left hand from the handle of the scooter fearing the worst. Now, I drive with my left hand on my little ones ears to protect them from wind, while I balance the scootere just in my right hand. [Hope my hubby doesn't freak out reading this.]

There were times, when I wouldn't have a cough or cold all through the year, now I am sure to have once in 3 months, courtesy my kick boxers.

There were times, when I couldn't open my eyes till 7:30 am in the morning. Now, even before the 6:30 am alarm goes off, I am up to ensure that the kids are fed and are all set for school.

There were times, when .............................

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