It is a girlie thing!

Priyanka's games are so unique to a girl. She gets hold of Karthik, combs him, feeds him as if he is her child or a toy.

Priya brings a bowl of rice, makes Karthik sit next to him and begins to feed him. In between, she reminds him to east fast and also she warns him that if he doesn't eat she will beat him. Then in between the meal she will remember Karthik needs water. So, she will call out to her mother and ask her to get one glass of water. Priya will let him to drink just one or two sips of water. Once, all food is over, she will promptly put the bowl into the sink and comes with a wet hand and wipes Karthik's mouth. Believe me I haven't seen anything more cute and funny!!
Interestingly Karthik equally enjoys the whole thing. If she feeds him, he eats up all the food without a fuss!!!

She will then get hold of him, pretend to give him a bath, brush his teeth and comb his hair and then take him to puja room to pray to God. Once he has offered his prayers, she will put on a bag and take him and pretend drop him to school, which is one of bedrooms. She insists he tells her a bye, after few seconds she goes and fetches him from school. The whole act is just too funny and adorable.

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