titbits of Vaibhav

Vaibhav has learnt putting rubbish into the dustbin, we haven't explicitly trained him on that though. If he picks up a paper randomly and tries to put it in his mouth, we ask him to put it in the dustbin. He promptly walks to the bin, lifts the lid and throws the waste paper. Now, if he sees any waste paper lying on the floor,
he promptly picks it up and puts it into the dustbin.

 Vaibhav now understands if his appa is going off to work. When Raj is all ready to leave to office, he goes to him and tells him in his sign and broken language that he wants to go with him. He points his slippers to Raj and then shows the wooden stool where he sits and wears the slippers, on the whole, indicating to Raj that he wants to wear them and go with him. When Raj didn't put his slippers, he himself pulled out Karthik's slippers and attempted to wear them. So cute!!

If we tell Vaibhav "Vaibhav kanna muchu"[Vaibhav, close your eyes], he immediately puts both his hands on eyes to close them. Just too cute!!

Vaibhav randomely picks any object, puts it against his ears and says "hello". He walks around the hall with the object against his ear, pretending to talk to someone. Raj, walks around the house or hall talking on his mobile, Vaibhav has seen this and now imitates with a dummy phone. 

Vaibhav somehow has learnt that he needs to pee in the bathroom. So, whenever we take him or he steps into the bathroom he pees. Sometimes he would have stepped into the bathroom with a gap of few minutes, but he still attempts and pees fews drops. :-)

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