I want to be with Appa

Karthik's annual day was coming up on 22nd Feb and we had to buy a superman dress for him. On Friday, 14th Feb, we decided that we will buy his superman's dress and later have dinner at Global Grill. When we got off the car at the children's clothing shop, Karthik insisted that Raj carry him. He ensured that Raj carried him through the entire shopping, and he wouldn't get off his arms even when we had to try the superman's dress on him. Raj had to convince Karthik that trying would just take a moment and he would hold him all through it. But Karthik refused to put his feet on the floor, so I had to just hold the dress against  his dangling body to see the size.

Once the shopping was done, we went back to the car. Karthik realized that if  Raj drives the car, he will have to sit with me but he just wanted to be with his Appa. So Karthik suggested that we walk to the hotel for dinner instead of taking the car. His thought was that if we don't take the car, his Appa will continue to carry him :-).  Karthik wouldn't get off Raj's arms. Raj then convinced him that the hotel is way too far off and if we walk, the ice-cream would get over, hence we need to take the car. Karthik looked convinced, but he came up with another brilliant idea. He suggested that I drive the car, while he sits with his Appa. I wasn't so confident of driving in a traffic filled road, so Raj had to convince him to sit with him, so that we could reach the hotel fast. But, he just wouldn't sit with me. Finally, Raj put him on his right lap and drove the car.

Well! it was the advantage of having a auto geared car.

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