Whacky !!

Karthik was sitting cross legged and having breakfast. He looked like a cute Ganesha. So I pulled his cheeks and said "Ganeshaaaa". Then I asked him, "Namma mane alli Ganesha yaaru?"[Who is Ganesha in our house?]. He promptly replied "Appa". I asked him, "Appa yaake Ganesha?"[Why are you calling appa as Ganesha?]. He tapped his belly and laughed. I have been laughing ever since then.

When Karthik cries, his eyes get filled with tears. Once, he has stopped crying he comes and tells me "Amma, neer alli kaanu iidhe, oorsu"[Amma, eyes are in the water, wipe it] :-). Choo chweet!!

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