You belong to Me!

Young Nirvan handsome, charming and lively was lying lifeless on the hospital bed. His pretty fiancée Neha was beyond consolation. No doctor could diagnose what had struck Nirvan. It started with a mild fever 3 weeks ago. Gradually his body had turned blue. Doctors gave up.

As the dead body was whisked away, Deepa cried incessantly over my shoulder. Deepa and I had grown to be thick pals within a year. I had liked her instantly the day I was introduced to her, by my manager.

“I am going to get him… I am going to get him…” Deepa had murmured as she stepped out of the office, when Nirvan announced his engagement with Neha. Nirvan and Deepa had sworn undying love for each other. Nirvan’s behavior had changed the day Neha had stepped into the office. Deepa was no match for Neha. Neha, slim and graceful, looked as if she had bathed in the light of early sunrise.

That day, Deepa met Nirvan over coffee. “Nirvan, How could you? How could you?” was all she could say before she burst out into tears. Nirvan, held her hand and in soothing tone said “I love you Deepa, you know that. I was not an easy decision for me, you know that. But, Neha is my dream girl. She is just what I wanted all my life. I am sorry. Love you dear!” The coffee shop guy told her they were closing. She realized, she had sobbed for 4 hours.

“Please can I meet you just for the last time”, Deepa pleaded Nirvan. He hadn’t responded to her mails or phone calls. “Pleaseeeee…. Just for few minutes, pleaseeee…” she pleaded, as tears welled up in her eyes.

“No!! Nothing can be done; it is all over, why don’t you understand? There is nothing you can do to get me back.” Nirvan got up to leave. Deepa ran desperately behind him, and tried to hold him. “Ouch!” Nirvan yelled; something from her purse pricked him, as she tried to hold him.

As Deepa stepped out of the hospital, she stepped close to me and murmured “I got him… I got him…”


A said...


This blog of yours has made me think about love and its limits. When love reaches the stage of obsession or jealousy then it no more remains as love.
It was kind of scary to know that love could take someone to the extent of doing something inhuman. But again love makes you do things, which you never would have thought about.

But overall a nice writing…keep it up. The way your story progressed is really marvelous. Waiting for some more stories from you.

Concerned friend said...

Hey...great stroy.

I hope this is not true, else you will find police waiting at your door step :))

jus_another_blogger said...

Actually wht hpnd to Nirvan? I hope she didnt poison him ;)

True love is seflless, and not selfish. But the wanting or craving is dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I like everything, except the fact that u used my name :-P